Temails going straight to trash

barbiegirls, May 28, 9:20pm
Can anyone help me. Ithink I opened an email on my ipad that was spam or something. It sent all my contacts an email. Since then All my emails are in trash. I may have changed some settings or something. Help please

barbiegirls, May 28, 9:29pm
Spelling mistake in title. Emails

mrfxit, May 29, 9:54am
Barbies . Mmmmmm nothing new there ;-)

barbiegirls, May 29, 7:30pm

And that comment didn't help my problem

mrfxit, May 29, 9:24pm
Made me smile, ;-)
Often a smile can make all the difference between a good day & a grumpy day.
Lighten up a bit.
Have you tried Googling the problem?
Eg:, "ipad incoming emails in trash"

barbiegirls, May 29, 9:51pm
Yes i have

spuddie5, Oct 2, 9:05pm
The spam has created a rule in your mailbox that sends all your incoming mail to deleted items. You can find it in Mail > Preferences > Rules and delete the rule that's sending everything there. You'll also need to change your email password.

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