Primary school going (near to) full digital

damoinion, Aug 26, 11:44pm
My children's primary school are wanting to start with one or two classrooms next year using chromebooks with limited paper and pen work.

What are other parents observations of their experiences with this? Has it affected the way your children write? Has it affected their spelling? Has it affected the way they research - i.e. do they still know how to research using the public library? Has it affected their literacy in any way?

I would love to hear from other parents about this.

Thanks kindly

r.g.nixon, Aug 27, 2:10am
Sometimes I think educationalists are stupid.

damoinion, Aug 27, 2:16am
They live in their own little world, but they do have their uses. However, I would like to hear someone's own experiences around this situation.

damoinion, Aug 27, 5:35am
does anyone have any viewpoints they can offer? Thanks

brapbrap8, Aug 27, 6:07am
My partner is a teacher, and her class uses iPads for a large amount of their work.
There are so many aps they use that teach spelling, handwriting etc.
She is teaching 5 year olds and they like tracing the shapes of letters on the ipad screen with their finger, and it seems to translate quite well to the work they still use pen and paper for (mostly their homework).

As for the research, I think the general consensus is that librarys are obsolete now, and most books are available online anyway if you know how to use the internet effectively.

The senior classes at her school use chrome books, but the basic curriculum still stays the same as it was in pen and paper days so the kids are still required to show they can write properly, and teachers are still required to teach it one way or another.

damoinion, Aug 27, 7:14am
I appreciate that information brapbrap8.

The school is holding an information evening next week, so we will be able to find out more information about how they will conduct these classes.

joanie04, Aug 27, 9:47am
"She is teaching 5 year olds and they like tracing the shapes of letters on the ipad screen with their finger, and it seems to translate quite well to the work they still use pen and paper for (mostly their homework)."

Back in my day we did this but not with an ipad but a book or a puzzle or in my daughter's case a printed sheet. Technology has it's place but you still need the basics, reading, writing and maths do get most places in life. They are finding that kids starting apprenticeships don't have enough knowledge in the basics and struggle because of this. Personally as a parent there are two things that are non negotiable when teaching, Phonetics for learning to read and write and times tables for learning maths. You need to master these two skills to enhance your learning.

dinx, Aug 27, 10:48am
I think its not unreasonable in snr primary (y5/6) and def for intermediate. I also see quite a bit of value for NE who only a few years ago for DD used mostly large scrapbooks with pasted in sheets that they drew on. Handwriting is the only thing they really will need to continue to somewhat do on paper and with stylus pens on some devices they can still develop fine motor skills.

Its a ideal they may aspire to, but as with the illusive paperless office, there always ends up being some paper, art, etc.

They will at some stage cover basic library skills but TBH by the time some stuff is published its out of date. Learning effective and critical online research is more effective, almost everything including reseach studies and medical journals can be found online. Its learning to be critical of the references and sources etc

damoinion, Aug 27, 10:42pm
Those are well-rounded viewpoints for me to ponder on and keep in mind at the upcoming information evening.

Is there anybody who, from their perspective, has seen a decline in even a minor way of children's learning due to using these devices for the majority of their schoolwork? Has it affected how they correct their own spelling on paper? Has it affected their after school social behaviours? Has using these devices made it difficult for parents to interact/participate with their children, or even affected their discipline of their children?

These questions may seem moronic but I am just trying to ascertain if people have notice any kind of fall out from overuse of these devices.

brapbrap8, Aug 28, 12:32am
Might be best to ask those sorts of questions in Parenting if you haven't already.

joanie04, Aug 28, 8:34am
I think you'd get better advise on here than in parenting. Can get a bit viral in there lol.

damoinion, Aug 28, 11:02pm
Yes, I have experienced peoples viral opinions in the past in one of the general forums, even though I was trying to be polite at the time and ask a question which I hoped would not seem vindictive, callous or just plain stupid.

I have copied and pasted over to the Parenting forum and have got lots of useful thoughts and opinions on the subject which I am quite grateful for.

Everyone seems to be behaving themselves.

joanie04, Jan 2, 9:29pm
That's surprising because there is a full moon in a full days lol. I seldom venture there. Parents and Animals can be bad enough says she with a wiggling 6.5kg cat on my knee.

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