Problem with email address

footplate1, Aug 18, 11:19pm
This address appeared in my email MS Outlook account list on my desktop and laptop, some months ago. I think it is Facebook related. Oddly the address name is my Facebook password (then). Every time I do an update send/receive - this address fails. I have checked the settings and reinstate what I think the password should be. But the password reverts to a long string of ***************.

Two questions - what might happen to, say, Facebook if I remove it.
If I keep it, I wonder how I can make a password stick?


king1, Aug 18, 11:44pm is apple
q1: Nothing

q2: try logging in here to see if you have correct credentials otherwise reset it

footplate1, Aug 18, 11:54pm
Thanks. I am permanently logged in on my desktop and iPad.

I do have an iCloud issue on my laptop, since upgrading Windows. The photos address has been corrupted and the laptop crashes in trying to open it. On the rare occasion that I have fluked opening iCloud, I find it is trying to open an incorrect stream. However, changing it to photo stream will not "take". Because of the booting difficulties., I am unable to uninstall/reinstall, to see if that fixes it.

spyware, Aug 19, 4:48am
And did you reset the password?

footplate1, Feb 3, 9:08pm
I did on the desk top. It's not an issue on the laptop. I have fluked opening it - even while the laptop is flicking on and off. I have made it into icloud photos but cannot change it. Hence the need to reinstall. If only I could access the program list.

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