Seagate around 2-3 years old 1 TB plug broken

plasticboys, Apr 5, 7:01am
hi , hope somone can help , the seagate usb, the plug that goes into TB broke the solder inside , very very hard to fix , found out jacar have a after market part that plugs onto TB , it reads everything in the TB but after 2-3 mins of watching anything on it , it just stops reading the usb ? anyone know whats going on? thanks

wayne416, Apr 5, 8:31am
Broken/bad connection that is playing up due to heat or vibration after a while. Had same problem with a drive on a Freeview box, would work for about half hour and just stop with a popup on screen -hard drive not found.

plasticboys, Apr 7, 2:34am
here im in a computer place and no one told me in any shop or here i can plug this in the computer , sad world i live in , lucky my mate told me

king1, Mar 17, 3:06am
you must ask the right questions.

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