hairydog2, Mar 11, 3:29am
Does anyone know how to get rid of this, plus pop-ups.

mr-word, Mar 11, 4:40am

king1, Mar 11, 4:46am

farwest, Mar 11, 5:04am
I got rid of this from my computer earlier in the week. The Malwarebytes technical help guy got me to run the tools mentioned in the previous two posts, but they didn't clear the popups. Running CCleaner did the trick.

mr-word, Mar 11, 5:15am
I cleared out somoto, mystartsearch and windowsprotectmanger (not a spelling mistake) which came bundled with a freeware program.

farwest, Mar 12, 6:45am
How did you go, hairydog?

andrew.t, Mar 12, 6:55am
malwarebytes software

mr-word, Mar 13, 3:30am
Run Malware bytes first, then adwcleaner second.

farwest, Mar 13, 4:00am
Neither of those got rid of the popups from my computer.

mr-word, Mar 13, 4:15am
What kind of pop ups are they porn/fake virus warnings?

king1, Mar 13, 5:19am
I would hazard a guess they did get rid of a lot of crap though.
You may also need to check for and remove any dodgy addons/extensions in your browser

farwest, Mar 13, 5:27am
What did get rid of it was CCleaner.

farwest, Mar 13, 5:30am
Right at the start, both. Then after a lot of checking, finding nothing, porn popups. I contacted Malwarebytes, and followed the instructions of their tech guy, but the popups continued. My son suggested running CCleaner, and that got rid of the popups.

king1, Mar 13, 5:59am
CCleaner is not in any way a malware cleaner.

I imagine because of browser caching you were probably getting the the same pages you had loaded previously (including the junk) and CCleaner just cleaned out those cached temporary internet files.

farwest, Mar 13, 6:06am
Yup - my son reckoned that CCleaner was good for cleaning out temporary files. I had previously used Malwarebytes, FRST, JRT and Adwcleaner, and not got rid of the nuisance.

andrew.t, Mar 14, 11:11pm
did you actually restart the computer after using malwarebytes?

farwest, May 19, 5:31pm
I contacted Malwarebytes technical support, and followed the instructions of their help guy.

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