Dual booting Win 7/10 question

Considering installing Win10 on a partition on my laptop and dual booting.
I want to keep my current Win 7 for a while as all my programs work OK.
I can then boot into win 10 and make sure all my programs work in that environment as well, I have a lot of electronics / programming software I use.

Question. If I boot up into Win 10 can I still get access to MY DOCUMENTS on my Win 7 partition, or will I run into ownership issues?

geek_hapukanz, Aug 4, 10:25 pm

there will be permissions issues I would think, but you could probably set up a folder outside the user profile and share that.

Bigger issue is probably going to arise from a windows activation perspective since you won't actually be doing an upgrade to the win 7

geek_king1, Aug 4, 10:58 pm

Yes I thought about copying MY DOCS to another folder

I was thinking of installing win 7 clean in the new partition, and upgrading that? Would that not work?

geek_hapukanz, Aug 4, 11:03 pm

But I reckon it would be against MS T&C as what you are doing here is like installing the same version of Windows (Win 7 in your case) on 2 PCs using the same activation code!. I could be wrong though

geek_flower_tears, Aug 5, 12:14 am

SAME Laptop

geek_hapukanz, Aug 5, 12:42 am

I was part of the insider trialling W10 and dual booted 8.1 & W10.
My W10 is now activated so I have both (different product keys)

geek_fishb8, Aug 5, 7:30 am

Short answer is unless you buy a Windows 10 license you can't do that. The reason is to get the free upgrade you must upgrade an existing, activated 7/8 install.

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 5, 8:22 am

I understand your concern
I have a ton of Software on my PC, I did a forced upgrade yesterday and have yet to find any issues with any of my installed software.
Only issue I did find was my Logitech 5.1 speakers and my Yeti Mic I had to reset them as they were a little missed up strangely unsetting them as default and resetting them as default sorted that.

geek_neoslowmo, Aug 5, 8:38 am

so create another partition. Image your existing system onto it. Then setup dual boot so you have two versions of your existing sysem.Then install win10 over one of them ? Thus dual boot. With the existing system untouched ?

geek_nice_lady, Aug 5, 8:57 am

Pretty sure that W10 install uses the existing W7/8 product key to generate a new W10 key, tied to the device ID. (if you fully reinstall W10 on the device, you don't need the old W7/8 key - or the new W10 key, as that will be fetched automatically during the install process).
The W7/8 key (used to generate the W10 key) will be inactivated on MS server database. That will cause an issue with dual-booting, as the W7/8 will deactivate. It'll be interesting to see how MS deal with W10 upgrades which were done with invalid/pirate keys. My guess is they'll roll out nagware notifications, then eventually shut them down.
There's a one month period after Win10 install where you can roll-back to the old win7/8 OS.
I haven't had any software glitches at all with W10, despite concern that some older and now unsupported software I need to use might be a big problem.

geek_mm12345, Aug 5, 9:49 am

Just d/l a W7 off a torrent, install on another partition then upgrade to W10 from there - Your original os will be intact.

geek_fishb8, Mar 23, 5:17 pm

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