Frustrating Issue

neoslowmo, Mar 7, 8:20pm
This is getting me frustrated, I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue before and fixed it.

Before you go on about start up, msconfig, etc I am a I.T guy and been down that road.

Right, for the past month I have had issues with programs starting when Windows boots (never on a restart, just cold boot)
1st it was Adobe Reader splash screen (had to close off)
that stopped
2nd it was Windows Movie maker couldn't get it to stop at all so ended uninstalling it
would think it would end the frustration? . NO
3rd Now it's my ElgatoHD software starting

Thing is during this time checking the program for load when windows starts if it's there it's not checked. So why load then?

Why is it doing this?
I'm at my wits end why my PC is now loading programs on start up
It's getting to be like start all over again wipe the HDD and install everything again - I don't want to, haven't done that in years, I clone my PC's to my server.

There must be a reason I'm missing - what I don't know.

Any other ideas out there?

gibler, Mar 7, 8:30pm
have you run Autoruns (from TechNet) to see if there are any references there?

king1, Mar 7, 8:32pm

tells you everything that is starting up, far more than msconfig

neoslowmo, Mar 7, 8:33pm
I was thinking about doing that - it's a good program just takes a little while to go through it - as it shows everything.
Thanks I'll check that over the weekend.

skin1235, Mar 7, 8:35pm
check the settings on the server too, could be remote booting from there

neoslowmo, Mar 7, 8:36pm
Any ideas why if I remove a program that is starting without me telling it to do so on start up.
Why it moves onto another program?
That's the most annoying thing about it.

neoslowmo, Mar 7, 8:37pm
Good point I'll check that too

skin1235, Mar 7, 8:59pm
mmmm, for it to boot there must be startup files somewhere, how did you delete the program

I use revo uninstaller as it does burrow down into the registry and get rid of a lot more than the windows uninstaller does

but whichever you use it has left a start sequence somewhere that at cold boot is in the boot path,cold boot verses warm boot - the only difference is cmos/ bios posting? isn't it

neoslowmo, Mar 8, 5:31am
I've checked it's not booting from my image
looks like i'm going to have to go through Autoruns and see if it's in there somewhere.

lostdude, Jun 7, 10:18pm
+1 for autoruns.

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