Computer freezing

greenforde, Apr 27, 9:28pm
Driving me nuts. Any ideas to fix please.

hakatere1, Apr 27, 9:33pm
How about a little more info.

greenforde, Apr 27, 9:49pm
Fairly old desktop. Maylwarebytes installed and scans regularly. Delete browsing history regularly, Degrag, P C Cleaner, regularly.

dairydan, Apr 27, 10:43pm
If it was mine.

* Backup all important info
* Take it apart and vacuum the inside
* Plug it all back together
* Format hard drive and re-install OS
* Re-install all software
If it still does it, must be a piece of hardware causing issue.
* Buy new computer

mojo49, Apr 27, 10:49pm
"Dairydan" seems to have it sorted. Worth restarting it though after pull apart and reassemble before format HDD etc.

exwesty, Apr 27, 11:59pm
A nice warm blanket.

mrfxit, Apr 28, 12:10am
Agreed except pulling it apart, no need for that if you have access to a semi decent compressor

r.g.nixon, Apr 28, 12:37am

colliers, May 2, 8:46am
I have the same problem - my son who is very computer savvy has done all he could with various additions. Just now - working on Farmville2{ which always freezes and crashes} a window came up below for a remedy help - dont know anything about them - dont want to 'go there' unless I know it's an OK site. Anyone else had this ?

josie12, May 2, 9:06am
Farmville freezes my computer, so I dont do it anymore, as cannot be bothered with it causing this.

mr-word, May 2, 9:11am
Those with Farmville freezes it is adobe flash player freezing with 100% cpu usage. Just close the browser in task manager.

morticia, May 2, 9:14am
Farmville does that to thousands all over the world. There isn't an easy fix.

mr-word, May 2, 12:31pm
1)Computer is dusty inside - Blow out dust with air compresser or
can of compressed air, but this is a temporary fix at best but it helps.

2/ Make sure Heatsink/Fan is cooling down cpu sufficiently. If fan bearings are worn out cpu will overheat and freeze your computer. Remedy replace cpu thermal grease and put on a new heatsink over cpu.

3/ If your computer case is too small or has poor airflow that can cause freezes. Buy a bigger case.

mr-word, May 2, 12:45pm
If you have blue screens on your computer download bluescreenview
This will determine whether it is hardware or software fault like bad driver for instance.

cranken28, May 2, 7:02pm
Computer freezing is not dust or dirt. dust build up = computer shut down. Run CCleaner and spybot S&D. But I think you will find its old slow computer trying to work on super network we are starting to get in NZ. your computer is slower than the internet. Even thou your cpu might be 3.0Ghz. your harddrive and mobo transfer rate is way to slow and FSB. A 10 year old computer is to slow for the internet use today. I just rebuild the wifes computer, $525 , new mobo sata 3 6gb transfer, 120Gb ssd, ddr3 4Gb ram, intel pet 3Ghz cpu. onboard vid and sound. and with a new real copy of windows 7. Runs mint . she had computer frezzing prob too but not anymore.

cranken28, May 2, 7:12pm
Then get your old hard drive and put it in as a 2nd hard drive and delete the windows folder. then you still have all your stuff.

mr-word, May 3, 4:21am
A computer freeze is when your computer mouse and keyboard stop responding on your computer. The computer doesn't shut down it just stops
responding to commands. A reply from op would be welcome. Modern computers may respond differently.

nzdoug, May 3, 4:23am
get a mac

nice_lady, May 3, 4:58am
Hubby said a computer can also freeze when the hard drive is faulty

mr-word, Dec 23, 8:21pm
Look for hard drive errors in event viewer. Watch cpu temps and power supply voltages in bios.

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