Cobian backup not removing old backups?

nzoomed, Feb 17, 11:43pm
IDK if anyone here has had much experience with Cobian backup, but ive generally found it to be rather good.
The problem im having is with one machine that does a nightly backup on an external hard drive, ive set it to keep 5 full backups, but cobian is not removing the old backup folders and naturally the drive is becoming full.
I also intend to alternate the backup drives each day, but for now the one disk is being used and ive read lots of threads on the matter as other people are reporting the same issue, but there doesnt seem to be any solution.


r.g.nixon, Feb 18, 12:25am
Well, one solution would be to write a script to delete old backups.

king1, Feb 18, 2:29am
struck it a couple of times, i think it might be a permissions issue of some kind. if you don't already try running it under an authenticated user account rather than local system, as you would if accessing network drives.

options / general / services / services

nzoomed, Feb 18, 4:36am
I thought it could be something like that, although this is windows server running from an administrator account and has full access.
The logs dont seem to even indicate that cobian has made any attempt at removing the old backups.

Another unrelated issue is ive found some files in the directory that are over the 260 character limit for the path, quite frustrating having to delete these folders manually, especially when windows lets you move the folder to different locations all over the HDD, but when it comes to deteting them windows gives a hissy fit.

king1, Feb 18, 4:44am
Actually, I think that might be when I see this problem now that you mention it.
If windows can't delete them in place then no way cobian will be able to so only solution is move the folder up the directory tree and delete.
Seems to be a bug in cobian that it is in allowing the excessively long directory paths to be created

nzoomed, Feb 18, 9:42am
But thats the stupid thing, cobian is able to handle the long file paths and copy them to the backup drive itself! (actually windows can theoretically handle alot more characters, it just causes problems when deleting etc)
I would have thought that cobian would have even partially emptied the folders though if it had come to deleting them, if i delete the folder myself, it does just that, and then when it hits the affected folders it asks me to skip them, which in turn leaves those folders behind. (only about 2 or 3MB of affected files amongst 150GB of data)
Again nothing in the log file regarding this, but im going to shorten the filenames of those affected folders.

loud_37, Feb 19, 8:52am
Hi, I have an issue where Cobian changes the attributes of any new files it backs up, it seems to change them to hidden files and system files. Any ideas on what I might of ticked wrong? Thanks

black-heart, Feb 19, 10:01am
disk imaging is the only kind of backup worth doing. shadow protect / true image / macrium reflect. cobian type of backups are so 1990's.

loud_37, Feb 21, 1:17am
Why would I want to do a disc image when all I want to backup are media files (music, movies, photos and documents). I don't care about the programs or OS.

black-heart, Feb 21, 2:22am
Because most people are idiots and have no idea of the location of the file, or change things, as they see fit.

I never met a user of outlook (the program) who didn't want his email/contacts/autofill history back

king1, Feb 21, 5:16am
disagree completely, what I like about cobian is I can go to the backup drive and files are there - quick and easy. Imaging has a place for sure though

loud_37, Feb 21, 6:25am
What I like is that my media is spread over multiple drives and cobian is set to grab all files that have changed and back them up to my backup PC

black-heart, Feb 21, 7:31am
or unbeknowst to you the user, or a program update moved all the files to a different location, and you're string of successful backups aren't worth shit. MYOB says Hi. Given the price of LARGE storage drives, whole disk backups are not a problem to manage, and often complete quicker, and don't care about silly 'file is busy' issues.

king1, Feb 21, 8:47am
"File is busy issues" - Cobian supports VSS, what are you running win 98?

king1, Feb 21, 8:51am

black-heart, Jul 20, 3:15pm
tried updating myob accountright from 19.5 to the later versions 2012, onward ? Even before that when it was still 1x.x each version created a new folder, and when you did the file conversion your data location changed to the new folder.

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