IPad Mini 3 - can anyone help me get a user guide?

Hi, I'm in Portugal, but have just provided an iPod mini 3 for a 16 year old in NZ, I would like to make sure he's getting full use out of it, be able to ask have you been able to do this or that, I know that while similar to my IPod touch 4, there will be differences. I've looked on the web, and at Apple, but when I try to download a PDF (the manual goes by iOS 8.3) , nothing comes through.
If someone could put it on the cloud and post the linc here that would be great.

geek_lee5, Jun 10, 12:19 pm

geek_jon9, Jun 10, 1:33 pm

Thank you Jon9, was worried when I saw it was the same link as I had used before, same thing happened, nothing came up, but this time I left the iPod for about twenty seconds then the user guide came up, will know to wait next time, I think the PDF must be a lot bigger than the novels that I usually download. Thanks again, Lee.

geek_lee5, Aug 27, 5:12 am

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