Can't print PDF file

bohemian4, Feb 11, 11:39pm
We have a Brother printer that prints without problems but recently I have not been able to print out an airline ticket sent to us as a PDF attached to email. This has only happened recently. Grateful for any help.

wayne416, Feb 11, 11:45pm
Open with PDF program first and print from there.

r.g.nixon, Feb 12, 12:13am
i.e. Sumatra, Foxit, Adobe PDF Reader. (And there are others. )

amphipod, Feb 12, 12:22am
and make sure your printer is selected,.

cookee_nz, Feb 12, 7:33am
Check printer firmware and update if later version, also check for later print driver.

bohemian4, Aug 15, 4:54pm
I have got it to print . Thanks to all for the help.

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