Windows back up help Please.

My laptop crashed overnight in the weekend. I have Windows 7 installed. My Hp centre wouldnt let me do anything until I backed up my system. I did that to my portable hard drive.(15-3-2015) Then I did a system restore but it went back to June 2014. When I plug in my portable hard drive, the recent back up is there but I cant do anything with it. There is only a restore point to either last night or 2014. Im trying to get the 15-3-2015 files re-installed. Help!

geek_biggles92, Mar 17, 8:10 pm

Restore points are related to system restore, They have nothing to do with backups. What did you use to make your backup? How did you confirm your backup of 15/3 is there ?
System restore doesn't change your files, just system settings. What are you trying to get back ?

geek_black-heart, Mar 17, 8:15 pm

backups are not restore points
Find backup and restore in the control panel and then point that at the external drive

geek_king1, May 13, 10:27 am

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