Malwares/porn/play store

takoyaki01, Mar 21, 10:27am
Hi-I'm getting this warning on my phone and Google hasnt given any ideas. I can't think of anything I've clicked on or downloaded that could've done it. I'm guessing it's fake but an issue in itself? Hope I've done the pic right

mazdasix, Mar 21, 10:29am
Try doing a malware scan with an app like AVG

king1, Mar 21, 10:43am
your on a stupid dodgy website - nothing more

close the webpage or restart the phone and don't go back there

takoyaki01, Mar 21, 10:47am
I can't think what dodgy website I could've opened but I closed everything just in case but it still did It. I will tryrestarting and AVG. Thank you!

king1, Mar 21, 10:55am
its in the message
=>> <==

you are simply looking at a website

vtecintegra, Mar 21, 11:30am
The website you have open in that screenshot is the dodgy one

takoyaki01, Mar 21, 11:52am
It was one that just opened itself and wasn't open before though if that's what you mean? It was like a pop up website.

nisty, Mar 21, 7:16pm
This is the playstore.
What's in your picture at #1 is not
1) Look at the urls in our pics.
2) That message in your pic has a typo
3) It's most likely just a dodgy website. Trying to look like the playstore & trying to make you think you have viruses so you will panic & hit that button & install a virus/malware.

Just close the window & scan for malware.

takoyaki01, Apr 30, 5:07am
Thank you! I wasn't on the playstore so I figured it was just using that to make it look like it was. Turning off and closing everything twice seems to have fixed it. Thank you! I did avg too.

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