Wireless Samsung printer issues -windows 10

theresanz, Oct 22, 7:08am
Hey everyone i have a samsung SCX-3400 series printer which use to print wireless before the windowns 10 update.

It would not stay online and print, so I was having to plug the cable it then printing from there!
Today i have mucked around with it and now have it so close to printing. I hit the print button the printer wakes up and then nothing happens. the printer icon comes up with 0 documents etc.

Anything im missing?


wayne416, Oct 22, 8:04am
Go to control panel, devices and printers, right click on printer and click make default.

theresanz, Oct 22, 8:14am
Just checked that and it is default and still nothing

woagan, Oct 22, 5:16pm
check the manufacturers website for the latest drivers

theresanz, Oct 22, 6:36pm
yes i have done all that too :)

heslington, Oct 23, 9:56am
Same problem here. No solutions here. Tried Three techies so far!

black-heart, Oct 23, 9:59am
Does it have an ethernet port, instead of wireless? Have noticed the wireless seems to turn off with sleep mode on HP officejets. Making airprint utterly useless.

theresanz, Oct 23, 11:51pm
yeah ive been on phone to microsoft and samsung for last few weeks. its so close to printing seems really strange.

theresanz, Oct 24, 12:20am
plugged in and cant even scan documents to my laptop.

blackhalls, Oct 24, 5:08am
Still having the same problems. Computer tells me that printer is offline, or in error. Have tried cable and WiFi, but no go. Sometimes it whirs and prints out a list of instructions. I have about twenty copies, but there is no help there. Apparently it is connected, but offline. I'm darned if I can find a 'go online' button to press. In desperation I have uninstalled the
printer, and I will install it again tomorrow, when it decides that it's brain is not addled any more. Mine is right now anyway!

blackhalls, Oct 24, 5:17am
One odd thing I noticed is that the printer was installed as HL-L2360DW series. The actual number on the printer is HL-L2365DW. I tried to change it but Windows 10 would not allow the change, so I assumed that the second number belonged in the 'series'.

The technicians, three of them, have jump-started the printer, but this has lasted only for one or two prints.

I hope you don't mind, but I am following your thread to see if anyone can give you some idea of what to do. I will let you know if I have any success.

spyware, Oct 24, 5:18am
CSRs are generally clueless as not technical people.

spyware, Oct 24, 5:22am
Commonest problem with printers is use of DHCP. Some routers on reboot will assign a different IP address and hence the printer driver will be pointing to the wrong address.

theresanz, Aug 14, 3:57am
Blackhalls no problem at all :)
I have uninstalled mine again too and my stress levels were high as this arvo lol. Will reinstall tomorrow also and see how i go!

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