Iphone vs Samsung

I am looking at getting the new samsung s6/edge.

I have had iphone since they first came out but feel I may want a change (I have an iPhone 5)

I also have an iPad that is synced to my phone.

If I were to get a Samsung, would you recommend I get a Samsung tablet to synch with the phone or not

geek_kittycat, Mar 25, 10:03 am

*heats up popcorn*

geek_suicidemonkey, Mar 25, 10:05 am

What do you need to synch?
I am the other way around with an iPhone 6 and a Galaxy Tab and things like emails and calendars synch easy as.
Don't discount the new iPhones either, they feel very different to your iPhone 5 because of their size, performance and features.

geek_brapbrap8, Mar 25, 10:25 am

go on - you know you want to.

geek_king1, Mar 25, 10:41 am

I swore I would never touch another Samsung, but that S6 is a game changer for Samsung. The S6 Edge will be a lot more expensive (they are much more difficult to make because of the curved glass), so I am not sure if it is worth the extra expense.

Also, worth looking at the HTC M9 which has just been released, they were the first to market with a full metal unibody and it is a progression of the very nice M8.

Bear in mind, the Samsung have gone away from the removable battery and expandable storage with the S6 (the M9 still has expandable storage), this will be a deal breaker for some.

But have a look on line, all the initial independent reviews have been coming out now that the Samsung embargo has finished and reviews are generally very positive. They have actually addressed all the critiques of the S4/S5.


geek__drdee_, Mar 25, 10:47 am

Thanks for your input

I know there are the iPhone fans and the samsung fans and those that hate both.

geek_kittycat, Mar 25, 11:22 am

I try and approach phones on there merits of whats being offered in performance/features/cost and ignore the specific brands. I own a Samsung S4 (i9506) at the moment and previously an iPhone and HTC.

I am also not scared to point out myths and hyperbole which usually gets me into trouble here :)

geek__drdee_, Mar 25, 12:14 pm

Well the s6 is going to be more expensive than the iphone 6, rumours have the s6 edge at between $1500 and $1700 NZD depending on storage.

Will be interesting to see when announced

geek_jon9, Mar 25, 1:08 pm

Well the official price is released in the UK, it is £599 for the base S6 (the S5 was £579) so I expect it will be *pretty* similar to the equivalent NZ S5 price on release (probably +$50), so your typical flagship initial price. (Base model iPhone6 is £539 and 6+ is £619 so all within that flagship range).
You have to bear in mind that with Android flagships they will be $900-ish to buy after about 3-6 months and will settle there for the rest of the sales year.

I would never buy a Samsung (or any Android) on release day for that reason, whereas Apple price stays pretty well constant which means there is no downside to queuing on release day. This is usually represented in sales curves as well, where Android flagships will have consistent sales numbers yearlong and Apple will spike on release quarter then abruptly drop off.

Different mindset required.

The S6 Edge are expensive to compensate for how hard they are to make (£760 for the 32GB), very high fail rate for manufacturing the curved glass apparently (according to tech sites), and not worth paying the extra for just that gimmick IMHO.

geek__drdee_, Mar 25, 2:05 pm

Talked to Vodafone today, they anticipate the price at $1100-$1200

geek_kittycat, Mar 25, 2:15 pm

I wouldn't touch samsung again, they also lose their value very quickly, and you pay a premium when buying early. Iphone anyday, and they have good resale value too.

geek_richardw13, Mar 25, 2:45 pm

Is that really the reason you choose a particular brand?

With Android flagships you just need to get out of the Apple 'line up on release day' mentality, buy 3-months down the track and get it for a decent price.

geek__drdee_, Mar 25, 3:07 pm

Not the only reason. Poor build quality, filled with bloatware, gets laggy after a short period, very slow to release software upgrades, and then don't provide updates for as long as apple poor battery life, etc. The fact that they have now gone to an inbuilt battery, no external storage , which were my primary reasons for initially choosing the galaxy s phones.

geek_richardw13, Mar 25, 4:04 pm

I chose mine because: half the price of iPhone ($530) but much higher resolution and more colour correct screen, CM compatible so I could have the latest updates pretty well straight away and beats pretty well everything currently available in benchmarks (Antutu score: 46,000, pretty good from a Q3 2013 phone, Snapdragon 800 SoC and 2GB RAM), with no lag and no bloat, battery lasts 2-3 days with heavy-moderate use and is made of high density plastic so is much more superior to metal phones for scratch resistance and impact resistance meaning I don't have to have some stupid cover on it.

Galaxy S4 i9506 LTE-A, running CM12 (Android 5.0.2) and arter97 kernel.

geek__drdee_, Mar 25, 4:51 pm

You shouldn't have to completely change the software the phone is running to get a good experience (and with the S4 you really did have to)

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 25, 5:16 pm

Well you could just simply install a different launcher from the Playstore (like Nova) to circumvent interface lag but CM is one click with the easy installer, if you don't want the option of trying different versions of an OS to find one that suits your style then I guess an iPhone is a better fit, it is what it is when you open the box until you buy the next model one and it is still the familiar same iPhone just like it has been since 2007.

Personally I think in this day and age people are more happy with choosing to set up a device how they want it to be.

geek__drdee_, Mar 25, 5:50 pm

Nova doesn't really help with the UI lag though - Touchwiz goes way deeper than just the launcher

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 25, 6:05 pm

rubbish. although i do somewhat agree about the inbuilt battery and storage, there are some advantages however so not all is bad.
Inbuilt memory is faster than an SD card and more reliable, but having the option to expand is always good, internal battery is harder to replace but lends to making a better less bulky design, there are payoffs.
It could be a means to get more apple users to samsungs customer base also.

geek_nzoomed, Mar 25, 6:42 pm

Right, 6 months ago Samsung had a huge campaign re wall huggers. All the iPhone users were crowded around a few power outlets in airport. Samsung user is just swapping out replacement charged batteries, everyone looks at him in awe - they will have to kick that advert into touch.

geek_remmers, Mar 25, 7:03 pm

That's it with android, made to be played with unlike Apples locked down system.

geek_wayne416, Mar 25, 7:12 pm

So talk to me about the batteries.

The new Samsung doesn't have replacement batteries right? So how long (with heavyish use) could I expect the battery to last?

And the iPhone 6. Is the battery in this better than the wall hugging feeking battery in the 5?

geek_kittycat, Mar 25, 7:43 pm

Also, if I go to something other than an iPhone, how do get my music from iTunes to my new phone?

geek_kittycat, Mar 25, 7:48 pm

S6 will probably last around the same time as the S5 (the battery is a tab smaller but the screen should be a little more efficient)

The iPhone 6+ actually has quite good battery life - the 6 is okay but not hugely better than the 5

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 25, 7:50 pm

The iPhone 6+ has an amazing battery I'm at 50% as of now with heavy usage throughout the day. My nexus 5 would be charging right now and that would of been on charge at 6pm today. My previous Galaxys didn't have crash hot battery life either.
The typical lag you experience with Samsung phones is only really noticeable with people who are really anal about speed and performance who are generally tech savvy people, the majority wouldn't really notice it.
In saying that I could nit pick all the little things I don't like about my iPhone which seems to be ios related like really bad lag with the default keyboard and 3 party ones like SwiftKey, safari and chrome constantly crashing (chrome in general is terrabad on ios) swiping the touch screen can be somewhat unresponsive at times etc. Being predominantly an android user my experience with ios isn't bad at all.
Which ever route you decide to go down I'm sure you will be happy

geek_2nd2none, Mar 25, 8:38 pm

Thanks people!

I don't really understand all the tech talk, I just need a reliable phone, with a good battery life, can take photos (but I am not a photographer so they don't have to high tech), I need Internet at a reasonable speed, and I do have quite a few apps I use for work but I beleive most apps are available in both android and iOS. (I have no idea what iOS even stands for!) (but I do feel very techy saying it )

geek_kittycat, Mar 25, 9:15 pm

I went from an iPhone 5 to iphone 6. I'd say the battery would be about 40% better. I can get two days of moderate use where on my 5 I only got one day.

geek_jon9, Mar 25, 11:35 pm

I find that the iOS versions of apps tend to work better and be less glitchy than Android, but I have noticed that Android apps are getting to be better quality now and have less issues.
If you use a specific app that is important for your work then read reviews on it for both iOS and Android and see if one goes better than the other.

geek_brapbrap8, Mar 26, 12:50 am

Yet all the technical data has iOS apps having a marginally higher crash rate than Android. But we are talking a fraction of a percentage here. (from memory it was something like 1.7% vs 2.2%).

But that is just getting nit-picky. I think the quality of apps argument died a couple of years ago now.

Holy crap, my brain actually retained something.

geek__drdee_, Mar 26, 10:04 am

Yeah i do agree, its not ideal, i would have much preferred the removalbel battery myself, but anyway, im still happy with my GS4!
perhaps the GS7 will have a removable battery again?
Still kicks butt on apple.

geek_nzoomed, Mar 26, 11:29 am

battery on my S3 was replaced at 2 1/2 yrs, might replace phone in another 2 yrs as it still functions perfect

geek_slarty45, Mar 26, 11:41 am

With the new releases iPhone 6 and Samsung s6
There really is no difference anymore
I was never a fan of the cheap build of Samsung s phones.

geek_neoslowmo, Mar 26, 11:51 am

The only reason I would own an iPhone is if it was given to me. Even then I'd probably sell it because people pay big bucks for them. If I wanted a decent high performance phone I'd probably get myself a OnePlus One.

People need to get out of this Samsung vs Apple mentality. There are other phone manufacturers out there.

geek_puddleduck00, Mar 26, 11:54 am

Neither - Get the new LG when it comes out. The old LG G3 is rated above the even newer iPhone

geek_sheltie08, Mar 26, 12:35 pm

Have an LG G2 and it's a a great phone still. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend the G series. The G3 is great and I'm sure the G4 will be just as awesome.

geek_puddleduck00, Mar 26, 12:38 pm

They have great battery life as well, blow most other flagships away for battery life. And they are probably the most bloat free outside of a Nexus.

Samsung do make nicer screens tho.

geek__drdee_, Mar 26, 2:29 pm

It gets even funnier when people realise that internally an iPhone is practically made by Samsung/LG anyway.

geek__drdee_, Mar 26, 2:31 pm

Other way around. Read the reviews

geek_sheltie08, Mar 26, 6:26 pm

I thought from your previous posts that you had a technical background so perhaps you are trolling, in which case i have bitten!

According to you an iPhone is the same as Samsung or LG phone because a few parts are fabricated by a couple of your favourite contractors.

Seems a long bow to me, what about the hundreds of other parts, all proprietary and then Apple firmware and software?

geek_remmers, Mar 26, 10:26 pm

As far as apple goes, i will never ever buy their products as long as i live, i dont like them from a point of usability/ease of use, practicability, being locked into their "ecosystem" then there is the high prices they demand for their products and their one size fits all approach which doesnt work, although they do have two different models available as they see a shift in the market.

geek_nzoomed, Mar 27, 9:45 am

What proprietary parts? Do you mean manufacturing variations to meet Apples requirements?
Apple doesn't actually manufacture ANY of its phones parts you realise, they are all outsourced to other manufacturers (who also provide the same base parts to other manufacturers, Foxconn for eg supply parts for Apple, Sony, Huawai, Motorolla, Xiaomi and Google [Nexus]). It just so happens that some of the other fairly well represented phone manufacturers also provide the more substantial and important parts (like the screen [LG, SONY], SoC [Samsung, TSC], RAM [Samsung] and internal memory [Samsung]) to Apple. So I don't really get the 'few parts' comment? I would call that substantial.

This is a good thing, Samsung are a technology ahead of any other manufacturer for SoC (they can economically produce 14nm) and for flash memory technology. They are also arguably the best at screens but Apple chooses to use LCD which LG/SONY do the best and can produce high grade in high volumes.

It's irony that Samsung have not had a good track record at piecing there own very good parts together to make something that is an overall really nice device (until now maybe).

Its not a secret, I don't get why you think its a troll unless you have convinced yourself that Tim Cook built it himself with parts made in Cupertino?

Yes you are buying an iPhone for the software and the benefits that a closed system provide.

geek__drdee_, Mar 27, 1:40 pm

I have, reviews have the current LG flagships outlasting the current Samsungs in battery life and Displaymate measured the Samsung current generation screens as the most colour correct, best contrast and least reflective, the best they have tested to date according to them (they make a living building the devices that professionals use to calibrate TV's and monitors etc.), which is the benefit of AMOLED. LG dropped there own pusuit of AMOLED manufacture after Samsung was able to economically create UHD AMOLED screens when LG could not.

geek__drdee_, Mar 27, 1:44 pm

BTW, NZ price for the 32GB Samsung S6 has been announced. NZ$1099 (so roughly the same price as the iPhone6 16GB which is $1079).

Way cheaper than I expected, does make it very tempting considering the big jump in performance/technology/quality-
from the S5.

32GB S6 Edge is something ridiculous like $1349, didn't pay too much attention as that is just too much for me to consider.

geek__drdee_, Mar 27, 1:50 pm

Just one other thing to consider in regards to Apple vs Samsung, many cars are now not compatible with Samsung phones so if you have a newer vehicle from some of the major brands then a Samsung won't be able to stream music or movies, or work as a satnav system like an iPhone can.

geek_brapbrap8, Mar 27, 2:07 pm

32Gb is too small for most users (don't even get me started on the 16Gb Iphone) Funnily enough the S6 64Gb is the same price as the iPhone 6 64Gb $1249

$1499 for a S6 edge 64Gb LOL!

geek_jon9, Mar 27, 2:35 pm

You mean Apple vs Android?

geek__drdee_, Mar 27, 3:48 pm

Wonder why Samsung hasn't released the 128Gb models?

geek_jon9, Mar 27, 3:58 pm

Rather a choice between apples or oranges.

geek_gadgetman, Mar 28, 11:16 pm

In the instructions for my Mitsubishi car stereo it specifically states not compatible with Samsung devices.
No idea if it connects to other Androids or not.

geek_brapbrap8, Mar 28, 11:22 pm

My iPhone 5s connects seamlessly to my 2010 ford mondeo, and will stream satnav instructions thought the car stereo in the same way that phone calls come through Bluetooth. Great. Have also heard that voice control in my car will activate Siri. Haven't tried it yet but will one day.

geek_bigsteve10, Mar 30, 10:35 am

A lot of stereos will only connect to iPhone via the cable.

Bluetooth, however, should work on any phone with any car as it is relatively standardised. That's not to say it WILL work of course as car manufacturers do some very odd things.

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 11, 3:31 am

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