IPad Mini questions

geek_sarahb5, May 14, 11:10 am
Just does not seem to work in the same way as previous iPad - can't create mailboxes in email, doesn't sync with my iPhone - bit annoying really

geek_suicidemonkey, May 14, 11:47 am
The iPad Mini does both the things you mentioned. obviously just not setup correctly. Check the Apple support website for tutorials.

geek_sarahb5, May 14, 12:11 pm
I have looked everywhere to try and sort the mailbox and tried syncing through iTunes - closer but not a match yet

geek_anna70k, May 16, 8:14 am
Mine works fine. Have you tried Settings- mail,contacts,calendars- choose add account, then add your email in the right spot.

geek_brycer, May 16, 8:26 am
nothing really different about a mini. probably due to newer os. I went from regular to mini and everything worked and works as it should syncing with iphone, mac etc. Give apple a call. its free for the first 90 days as i recall

geek_sarahb5, May 16, 8:39 am
I just want to add extra folders so I can sort my emails but the only folders I can get an inbox, trash and sent!

geek_sarahb5, May 16, 8:40 am
I didn't think there would be differences - both using same OS so can't understand why they're not the same - will try calling Apple - thanks

geek_suicidemonkey, Nov 18, 2:12 am
Provided they're both running iOS 8, they are the same. The difference between the iPad Mini and iPad exists purely in the hardware.

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