The printer solution is probably simple, but I am

heslington, Oct 21, 9:45pm
not simple enough to find it.

The control panel tells me that my printer is offline, which was already quite clear to me, but there does not seem to be any way to turn it on, well, not in any way that is obvious, like the on/off buttons on the device! I know that it is a Brother printer, but it is brand new. I am up to my sixth visit from a technician to turn it on, and it is getting a bit expensive.

There is a place in Windows 10 Settings which has off/on buttons to do with controlling things and metered connections. One of the brilliant people here may recognise what I am talking about, and tell me whether they should be on or off, or even relevant to what I need?

I had a technician here yesterday, but in the middle of the appointment he downloaded something that took ages, and so he said, that as he was hungry, that he would go and have some lunch and then come back when the download was finished. It was a very long lunch, and is still happening?

I don't know what the download is about, or what to do with it, and I hate the way that it took so much of the appointment time. As a result we did not get to some of the issues with the computer. I did expect to get the rest of the appointment. My husband, heslington, reckons that I should get a new technician. I've emailed him, but there has been no answer.

Is it something to do with Windows 10 and Brother devices? Don't think that I want to know really.

Rant over. I will just go shopping instead.

sqidlie, Oct 21, 10:35pm
1 - you dont mention if you are connecting via WiFi or Usb
2 - To help you let others know what model printer you have
and last but not least have a look on youtube for that model and see if the answer you seek is there, and yes, get a new tech :-)

amphipod, Oct 21, 10:52pm
please post information required as in post 2, the 'getting a new tech' bit I'm ambivalent,
lets solve your print issues first,.

mariner26, Oct 22, 1:23am
As a brand new printer you must have a "Quick Start/Set Up" manual.
Beyond that you should download the full manual for your printer model from the website of the printer manufacturer.
Sounds like a useless technician!
Do the reading as suggested!

heslington, Oct 22, 2:00am
Answers to above typed out, then lost, cos no internet connection - going off and on.

Please wait till I can send info before posting. More to fix than expected.

heslington, Oct 22, 2:02am


Have tried Quick Start etc.

heslington, Oct 22, 2:03am
Should be 'Find devices and Content' not 'Controlling things' in first post.

ianab, Oct 24, 6:57am
"Answers to above typed out, then lost, cos no internet connection - going off and on."

Do you have a problem with your wifi?

If that's going on and off, both your internet and printer will keep dropping out.

I had to sort out a ladies system a while back and things kept dropping offline. I picked up the cordless phone to call the help desk to see if they could check some things. When I did, the wifi instantly dropped out. Hung up the phone and it came back.

Aahah, light bulb.Changed the channel on the wifi, and moved it away from the phone base, and most of her problems went away.

Not saying you have that exact problem, but if your wifi is dropping out, and you have a wifi printer, you WILL be having printer problems, that are nothing to do with the printer.

I'm also a fan of hard wiring things with cat 5 leads, if possible, it's simply more reliable.

spyware, Oct 24, 7:14am
And as stated elsewhere the most typical problem with network printers is use of DHCP, router reboot and different IP address assigned. Printer driver is pointing at the old address.

spyware, Aug 13, 10:22pm
So print out the status page via printer front panel and determine what IP address is bound to wireless interface and inspect the driver config.

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