My Republic uff out since Friday night!

fishb8, Apr 27, 8:41pm
Awesome! Into third day with no internet
Obviously a problem but don't think their techs are working the long weekend!
Using mobile data.

exwesty, Apr 27, 10:37pm
Have you reported the fault yet?
1st thing would be to check all the connections and boxes in the house and make sure everything that's supposed to be turned on and plugged in is turned on and plugged in.
Then turn off and restart said devices and see if that helps.

fishb8, Apr 28, 2:34am
It's an issue for Hamilton and Cambridge, not my gear - lots of users are affected.

fishb8, Apr 28, 7:23pm
We got service back about 20.00 last night. nearly 3 days without!

fishb8, Jan 1, 4:25pm
Well Mighty Republic has given us 1 month's free internet as compensation. not a bad gesture!

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