Removing Password at Startup - Help!

Just updated to Windows 8.1 (didn't have a choice this time, it started without asking to 'Remind Me Later'). Now when I turn on the computer Windows is asking me for a password. I do have one and it works, but I don't want to have to enter my password every time I switch on. Can someone please tell me how I can stop this, in 'Nanna Language'. Thank you.

geek_akl439, Feb 21, 12:38 pm

lol nanna language! This happened to me, sorry can't remember how I fixed it. Maybe went into user settings I feel. Someone else will know for sure. Good luck.

geek_vashti, Feb 21, 12:44 pm

geek_pzkpfw, Feb 21, 1:01 pm

Thanks so much. Nana got there in the end.

geek_akl439, Feb 21, 1:34 pm

Oh you poor dear. You should make a nice cup of tea, and have a little lie down. When you are refreshed, get that nice young man down at the computer shop, to come around and give that naughty misbehaving computer a good seeing to.

geek_clip1, Feb 21, 4:17 pm

In the old days when I had Win98, I could just delete the password file.

geek_trade4us2, Feb 21, 5:15 pm

Yay, I have been wanting to do this too, to make it the same sign in as our tablet. Thanks

geek_fbndecor, Jul 19, 9:58 pm

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