Can you tell who accessed a document on a server?

If there are multiple users, will a certain user opening a document without making changes to it (word or PDF etc) leave a record that can be traced back to them?

I always thought that word docs created temporary files (if they were enabled), but I only thought this occurred when changes were made to a document.

geek_hoarder85, Jun 7, 2:40 am

Depends on how the server was setup.
Most servers have a record of all in's & out's in a data access log.
Understanding it & finding YOUR request could be a bit of a mission.

geek_mrfxit, Jun 7, 7:44 am

on a windows server files folders can have auditing turned on. Word has a tracking feature
I doubt you'd need them for pdfs.

geek_black-heart, Jun 7, 9:23 am

Thanks guys, much appreciated.

geek_hoarder85, Sep 9, 9:11 pm

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