Updating from w8 to w8.1 trouble

geek_soundsgood2, Feb 9, 12:56 am
Hi, when I click on store tab in start menu, for about half a second it displays store site then reverts back to desktop regardless how many time I click it. so cant update to 8.1. thanks

geek_wayne416, Feb 9, 1:36 am
8.1 now comes through Windows update, check for updates and look there maybe under optional updates.

geek_black-heart, Feb 9, 1:56 am
backup first.

geek_d.snell, Feb 9, 5:30 am
Get rid of any 3rd party programs, browsers, Anti Virus, Classic menu and all other utilities and crap that you have installed on win8 and then run the 8.1 upgrade from the Store.

geek_soundsgood2, Feb 9, 11:17 pm
Update. yea none of those worked but how I did resolve it is by doing a 'pc refresh' which is similar to a system restore except it saves files and removes downloaded websites and apps like to factory standard. helpful tip for you guys

geek_wayne416, Feb 10, 12:47 am
Win 8 will not show or update to 8.1 until Win 8 has all its updates installed. If it is fully updated and still wont install go to windows update online, download 8.1 update and install that way.

geek_delmic, Feb 10, 3:12 am
is windows 7 a good programme for a learner? thanks

geek_soundsgood2, Aug 26, 5:27 am
Quick learner or slow anyway I think that w7 a lot better than xp because you just search in the start menu for anything and if not there is a help and support.

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