All these telly watching sites

raelene19, Mar 18, 2:04am
with all these things like Netflick, Unotelly ect and all the others is it better than paying for sky? whats the diffrence between them and what one is the best one or am i bett of sticking with sky? thanks

mazdasix, Mar 18, 2:18am
Sky is good for sports and NZ TV channels. You can't watch live sports or regular TV on Netflix.

For TV shows and movies, Netflix and online streaming wins.

muzza3, Mar 18, 2:35am
I haven;t even got an aerial.Got rid of hte aerial about 12 mths ago.
I now have Netflix , coming out of the USA, a VPN, which allows me to change countries ,so can pretend I am viewing from US , Aul or the UK or whatever.
I stream local news when t want to watch local news , which is not often.Have Hulu , Netflix , and Uk Stations.
Sport can be had , but is streaming from hte UK , most things I want find.
Way cheaper than Sky , netflix Plus the VPN all up less than $20 per month

raelene19, Mar 18, 2:46am
how do i do this?

lythande1, Mar 18, 3:21am
Well, we like Sky.
We watch the doco channels.
All these others seem to promote fiction, I couldn't care less about them. and I really don't want to scroll through lists to find some doco to then stream or download.

king1, Mar 18, 3:28am
now if someone was nice enough to continuosly stream all the doco channels, that would be a different story

remmers, Mar 18, 3:38am
Lightbox has 28 "factual" programs with most having multiple episodes i.e. Ancient Discoveries has over 30 episodes. Netflix seems to have every doc ever made!
Sky Doco channels are full of adverts or station trailers, totally spoil the viewing experience.
It has got to the point that if you do not watch sport and you have decent broadband speed and capacity then you can enjoy a much better viewing experience with on demand services.

lostdude, Mar 18, 4:43am
Netflix is coming to NZ next week. 24th of March, sign up then.

ryanm2, May 9, 5:03pm
Lightbox (the Spark (old telecom) service) aint too shabby. Its free for 30 days. Netflix NZ starts on the 24th, im sure they will also offer a free trial. Some people just love trying to beat the system and have to have their Netflix US and UK etc - If you need to watch that much TV you have issues.

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