Hi guys, anyone here had 1st hand experience with removing ?

geek_sr2, Apr 14, 3:28 pm

geek_farwest, Apr 14, 3:53 pm

geek_wayne416, Apr 14, 3:56 pm

Thanks for posting the links, much appreciated.
As per my original post have either of you two had 1st hand experience with removing ?

geek_sr2, Apr 14, 4:17 pm

I've had firsthand experience of removing malware from my computer - it wasn't a simple 1 step process. I suggest you register at bleeping computer, and put a help request on their forum.

geek_farwest, Apr 14, 4:25 pm

Did you try my link?

geek_wayne416, Apr 14, 4:29 pm

I'm not the one with the problem - but am aware of the tool you linked to.

geek_farwest, Apr 14, 4:30 pm

Thanks for the post.
yes I'm aware of AdwCleaner I've heard both good and bad about it. Have you had any experience with using it to remove ads.pubmatic?

geek_sr2, Apr 14, 8:21 pm

i remove all sorts of crap with adwcleaner, from many different machines.

the names are relatively meaningless as they change with the weather

geek_king1, Feb 21, 4:08 am

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