Locked out of laptop ~ can I do anything?

leahgrace, Apr 27, 12:05pm
Hiya computer gurus, any advice much appreciated. I cunningly put such a great password on my laptop that *ahem* I can't remember it. This probably happens ALL the time ( I hope lol ) so a computer repair shop can sort it out. But is there anything at all I can do first? I don't have the password recovery disk it asks for.

r.g.nixon, Apr 27, 6:47pm
If it was a Windows password - yes.
If it was a hard disk password - no.

leahgrace, Apr 27, 10:04pm
Thank you very much :-)

r.g.nixon, Apr 27, 10:35pm

But I don't think ophcrack is the best option. ntpasswd will be MUCH quicker.

mrfxit, Apr 27, 10:37pm
XP /7 or 8/8.1
8/8.1 can be a bit tricky for joe bloggs when using a boot disk.

leahgrace, Dec 31, 8:00pm
It IS Windows 7 so hope glimmers ~ *yay!*. I took your advice r.g.nixon and have saved the instructions for ntpsswd. will give it a crack & let you know how I go. Thanks again!

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