Microsoft Office 365 expired

of course not. Just pay again online. 365 is strangely enough valid for one year only ;-)
But cheaper to buy a NEW pack at dick smith on special at the moment. I did it this way last week. 'Renew using activation code' or similar rather than paying online

geek_brycer, Jun 26, 9:20 am

Even better go to and find a free office compatible suite that costs nix. One used to buy a copy of Msoft Office that lasted for years but now they want an annual fee so go figure! Those damm lear jets cost poor bill so much to run !

geek_sanders4, Jun 26, 7:50 pm

LibreOffice - free forever, or longer!

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 26, 7:57 pm

Umm, you can still buy it outright. No one is making you do the year to year subscription.

geek_cube_guy, Jun 26, 10:05 pm

u but MS have made it difficult and expensive!

There's Home & Student 2013 version that doesn't have Publisher, Outlook. , about $240.

Then there's Home & Business ($340). but nope no Publisher.

If you want thh whole suite, ur looking at the Pro version ($800+).

geek_mazdasix, Jun 26, 10:19 pm

All I meant was subscribing isn't your only option, not commenting so much on its value. And that isn't new, there has always been Home/Student, Home/Business, Professional versions of office. Office 365 for 5 years for 1 PC is ~$600, which is still cheaper than buying Professional, and you get upgraded to the newer version along the way if/when one comes out. If anything, Office via Office 365 gives you better value than ever before, not made it more expensive.

geek_cube_guy, Jun 26, 10:35 pm

Yeah $120 a year/$10 a month isn't too bad IMO.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 26, 11:00 pm

Free is even better.

geek_gsimpson, Jun 27, 6:32 pm

Not when the free alternatives are as (comparatively) bad as they are in this case.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 27, 9:41 pm

Never had an issue with Libreoffice. If it is that important to be 100% compatible with your MS mates then spend the money but for most people it will work. It is worth a try anyway for most. I have used OO and Libreoffice for 15+ years and haven't had people come back and say they can't read what I send.

geek_gsimpson, Jun 28, 8:01 am

99.95% of people just use the basic functions of their office software. And they will find OO and Libreoffice will meet all their needs. Like you, I have never had someone say they couldn't read a Libreoffice file.

But if they did, I would say "LibreOffice uses the international ISO/IEC standard OpenDocument file format as its native format to save documents for all of its applications".

If you can't read it, get better office software.

geek_cammey, Jul 17, 10:23 am

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