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psgarrett, Aug 7, 7:45am

I'm looking into getting a custom gaming PC built i'm a console gamer but interested switching over to PC gaming.

I have a few questions on what type of CPU processor to get i5 or i7 as i want a PC thats going to last so i wont have to upgrade for quite awhile and to be able to play all the latest games that come out.

Im quite interested in the NVIDIA GTX 970 and NVIDIA GTX 980 anyone recommend any other GPU's that are really good?

I'm looking to spend around $2500 unless you can get a gaming PC built much cheaper than that for gaming that will run like a beast and be able to play everything.

Any tips on what to look for and to avoid when looking for custom built gaming PC's.

What are some gaming pc places in wellington that can build you a gaming rig for good deal and good prices?.


r.g.nixon, Aug 7, 8:09am
Ask on the builders forum at They will tell you how much it is likely to cost and will suggest components to use.
Looks like it is here
Read some game build threads and/or start your own thread.

suicidemonkey, Aug 7, 8:15am
You can easily build one for cheaper. Decent motherboard, i5 CPU (i7 is faily pointless for gaming), 8GB RAM, decent power supply.

The video card is the biggest factor. GTX 970 is a great mid-high end card and will handle any game happily. GTX 980 if you REALLY want to push every game to ultra settings at high resolutions.

cube_guy, Aug 7, 8:22am
I personally have a GTX970, and have been very pleased with it. It comes down to the resolution you wish to game at, but the GTX970 at ~$550 is IMO far better value than the GTX980 at ~$900, when you consider the actual difference in performance.

Personally if I were building a gaming PC now, it would have a i5 4690K. The new Skylake CPUs offers little if the main use is gaming, and the Devil's Canyon range performs very well for gaming.

For around $2000, you could get the i5, 8GB ram, an SSD, a HDD, a good quality power supply, a case, a GTX970 and Windows.

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bastardsquad, Aug 7, 8:30am
Sounds like my rig. i53570K @ 4.2GHz on stock cooling, GTX 970 and 8GB ram, small SSD for OS. Fast as, smokes any game thrown at it. Cheap to build, and runs fine on a 650W PSU.

suicidemonkey, Aug 7, 8:38am
Yep exactly. And if you only want to game at 1080 or 1440p and dial down the AA a bit, even a GTX960 is a very good card.

schizoid, Mar 14, 9:26pm
i7's have no advantage over i5's for gaming purposes (unless they have a significantly higher clock speed). So if you're budget limited, i5 is easily the best way to go, with any extra $ thrown at getting a better graphics card.

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