Anyone had heat pipes fail (laptop)

velenski, Feb 5, 1:56am
customer asked me this today ,ive never seen it ,but was told its possible?

_drdee_, Feb 5, 2:58am
Never encountered it. The ends are usually pressed/sealed closed with a dry heat transfer compound inside, so the only way I could imagine heat pipes failing was through extreme overheating (that would probably melt the CPU/GPU first) or a manufacturing fault that existed OOB.

velenski, Feb 5, 3:19am
yeah thats what i thought ,they said no dust and transfer grease replaced and still overheating only coolish air coming out and fan working correctly.

_drdee_, Feb 5, 3:28am
Odd, there has to be more to the story.

zaowl, Feb 7, 4:40am
Yup, it can happen. Common problem in a laptop we own. The heat sink is inadequate for the amount of heat generated and as a result the *liquid* inside dries out and turns to powder. We've replaced the heat sink twice already and now need to do it again. Fortunately we have spares (in a box somewhere. ) as they are circa $100-150 to buy from the manufacturer.

lugee, Feb 7, 8:43am
Actually have seen this issue. Laptop with overheating CPU. The contact plate (crimped/soldered to the heatpipe) was at the same temperature as the CPU, about 90c at idle. The other end of the heatpipe was basically room temp. So heat was absolutely getting to the heatpipe at one end but it wasn't transferring any heat (about as much as a plain old piece of copper tube would).

I was surprised myself.

velenski, Sep 5, 8:25am
yip ive looked at it now myself and heat pipe is hardly conducting heat ,thats a first for me ,found replacement for $30 ish so all good :)

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