awoftam, Mar 6, 1:51am
Has anyone else had this search engine (I think that's what it is) appear on their computer? I must have clicked on something to allow it to slither in and I can't find how to uninstall it. Blardy annoying.

_drdee_, Mar 6, 2:58am
What browser, usually you have to go in and delete the extension/add-on from the browser settings and also uninstall the program from the computers control panel to stop it repopulating the extension.

I am sure a Google for "remove xxxx from xxxx browser" will give you a concise step-by-step.

king1, Mar 6, 3:13am
NZCity is a website so do you mean it has taken over the browser homepage?

awoftam, Mar 6, 9:25am
Yes. Sorry about any confusion. Try hard but not as savvy as I need to be.

-bookzone-, Mar 7, 9:05am
Use this page to undo what's been done. Just change the home page setting to what you want it to be.

r.g.nixon, Jun 10, 3:13am

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