MS 8.1 update downloads not installing

Is there a fix for MS updates downloading but not installing on 12 month old laptop ?
Discovered problem last week and there are dozens of updates that have been downloaded but "failed to install".
Not wanting to update to OS 10 yet until any bugs sorted although have plain white windows icon on task bar which I have checked, then a window tells me it is downloading in background - yeh right - it's been like that for the last 10 days - so intend to keep clear of that for a while.
Anybody got any ideas please.

geek_rojill, Aug 11, 12:37 pm

Check the Microsoft "fixit" program mentioned several times recently here. Or google it.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 11, 1:14 pm

Yep. Done that and the answers always the same. Then try to install the critical updates it has identified but it just then says it is installing - - for hours. There must be a way of finding out what is stopping the updated down loads from installing.
Maybe dumping 8.1 then installing W10 from a disc would be the way to go ? Problem there is - - would it fix it.

geek_rojill, Aug 11, 3:37 pm

Give the Win 10 upgrade a go. You don't need to be fully updated for that to work.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 11, 5:20 pm

On one occasion I saw them go for 6 hours or more and finish successfully

geek_king1, Mar 1, 4:15 pm

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