Remote access

If my friend has someone with remote access to their computer and they are messaging me on facebook, can the person with the remote access then access my face book page and leave garbled messages at the time we are communicating?

geek_wakijaki, Jun 21, 2:57 pm

So you have a friend that has someone accessing their computer remotely, and you're wondering if they can access YOUR Facebook page? No, not unless your Facebook account is logged in on the computer that is being accessed remotely.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 21, 2:59 pm

Yes. They can do anything your friend can do. If your friend has automatic login to facebook, they will be able to send you messages.

Why did your friend let them have remote access?

geek_stevel_knievel, Jun 21, 3:04 pm

Yes that was my question and thank you for your answer. Any idea why I would find a garbled badly spelled message in the 'what are you thinking' section while I was talking to my friend?

geek_wakijaki, Aug 4, 4:14 am

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