Retrieving deleted photos on Samsung Galaxy S3

battgirl, Feb 23, 10:43pm
I've just accidentally deleted a whole lot of photos from my phone (thought I was in a different album) and want to retrieve them.

I've googled a fix and there is some software I can download but the comments below say it's a waste of time and doesn't work.

I imagine they must be hiding SOMEWHERE - can anyone tell me how to find and restore them please?

Thanks in advance.

king1, Feb 23, 11:52pm
data recovery software on a PC eg photorec or Recuva 'may' allow scanning the phone storage / SD card.
Naturally the phone should be plugged in via USB and be accessible from the computer before scanning.

If they are on SD card I might anticipate better results, if they were/are on the phone itself, less confident.

loose.unit8, Feb 24, 12:08am
I doubt they can do a low level scan of the phone storage via usb. Agree about the SD card

loose.unit8, Feb 24, 12:11am
Fyi for next time, dropbox is a good app for automatically backing up all your photos to 'the cloud' and you can set it to be wifi only etc

wayne416, Feb 24, 12:19am
May pay to remove card from phone and use a micro to SD adapter directly in computer and run Recuva in deep scan mode.

black-heart, Feb 24, 12:20am
do you use any cloud based backup? google / drop box ?

battgirl, Feb 24, 3:07am
don't think so - unless it happens automatically. Don't recall setting it up.

exwesty, Feb 24, 4:08am
Plug it in to your computer and use Recuva

battgirl, Feb 25, 1:37am
my stupid computer keeps telling me the device is unplugged.

gibler, Feb 25, 2:12am
stop using it and take it to a tech.

battgirl, Feb 25, 3:57am
I've taken the whole computer to the tech today - 131 viruses discovered and removed so far. sigh.

brycer, Feb 25, 4:02am
on the iphone they stay in the 'recently deleted' folder for 30 days for this very reason. just sayin.

battgirl, Jul 5, 11:11pm
Well that's jolly helpful in my current circumstances.

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