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purdie69, May 6, 12:36am
Does anyone know who repairs these in Wellington/Kapiti region. Google has been no help and TomTom support just said buy a new one! The keyboard is misaligned and I am fine if an address does not contain A,Q,Z lol. This appears to be an issue with them and it is dust under the front cover. I have tried to clear it but it is only temporary. Tks

suicidemonkey, May 6, 1:13am
I think you'll likely find paying someone to repair it will cost more than buying a new one, considering they can range from $100-200 new these days.

wayne416, May 6, 2:43am
Install HERE Navigation on your phone and use that.

purdie69, May 6, 4:44am
Thank you. You may well be right. I will install the programme Wayne

wayne416, May 6, 4:46am
Its very good, let us know how it goes.

floydbloke, May 6, 6:06am
Found this suggestion:
Slide the corner of a sharp business card slowly around the bezel -- the entire perimeter -- in case some gunk has gotten in there

on another forum which seems to have had some succes. Here's the link:

purdie69, Dec 15, 4:27am
thank you. I found that too and it made it better for a short time. I used the blunt edge of small knife on it today and out came a fair sized piece of plastic - from where who knows! It seems to have sorted it but for how long.

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