Why has the printing gone weird?

sultana0, Feb 14, 5:07am
Hi, the characters on my screen have changed in that they all now appear to be made up of thinner lines (as if write with a sharper pencil than before), and rounded characters look snowy on top. On all sites including this msgbd. Using Firefox but noone's admitting changing anything. where should I play to try to remedy?
(Difficult to read in real size)

skin1235, Feb 14, 5:29am
not uncommon on computers running dos 6.2, something to do with the drivers when rendering the vids

'course if you're using a version of windows it may help if you say which one, lol

could still be the vid driver though, do you allow auto updates from microsoft

flower_tears, Aug 13, 4:56am
Looks like you are viewing the page in sort of "READ" or "MOBILE" mode, this can't be the actual formatted page that you would expect. It would be helpful if you can give us a clue on your device and operating system used.

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