My touhpad/cursor gone after window 10 install

Could be just conincedence but my touchpad thing on laptop Satellite Radius P55W-B isn't working HELP pretty please

geek_stefanie1, Aug 6, 12:51 pm

I have the same problem. Bloody frustrating.

geek_jcwholesale, Aug 6, 6:16 pm

how do you fi d the drivers many thanks

geek_stefanie1, Aug 6, 6:20 pm

Go to Toshiba website, put in your model, download, install.

Alternatively, check in Windows Device Manager, look for any devices with yellow exclamation marks, right-click, search internet for drivers. But direct from Toshiba would be best option

geek_cookee_nz, Aug 6, 6:54 pm

I never deal with this stuff myself. I usually take it into a computer technican and get them to fix it properly; usually costs me though! lol!
It is most probably something to do with your cursor settings.
Go to your START tab, click on it, then click on WINDOWS HELP AND SUPPORT, then type in, cursor settings, and follow instructions. Maybe also try typing in, touchpad not working, and see what suggestions they come up with.
You could also click on your START tab, then click on CONTROL PANEL, then under, Hardware and sound, click on mouse, and check out if the settings are right for the touchpad, or even if the touchpad is clicked on.

geek_iwikiwi, Aug 6, 7:12 pm

For most touch pads there is a physical switch to turn on/off. Sometimes on or around the touch pad, others have a function key combo. mine is F4.

May simply be turned off

geek_king1, Aug 6, 7:58 pm

Sadly it may not fix it, I did it on my asus and then when I looked online they said they can't fix at this stage and to use a sub mouse

geek_camerong1, Aug 7, 12:16 am
Once I found this page I had no more trouble with my Asus notebook touch pad, just select operating system then click on 'global' then run the file that is down loaded.

geek_macgor, Aug 9, 11:28 am

I have already used the link and it didn't fix it

geek_camerong1, Mar 10, 11:11 am

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