3G iPhone on prepaid with data - easy as

stefanie5, Jul 11, 2:51am
3G iPhone on prepaid with data - easy as step 1. buy an iPhone. step 2. restore using generic 2.0 firmware (downloadable now) step 3. unlock and jailbreak (available within 24 hours) . Change the APN to vodafone.net.nz. Go on casual 10Mb a day for $1.

ifusion, Jul 11, 3:04am
Yea, but you would have to buy the $979 iphone, correct? Not the one on contract?

stefanie5, Jul 11, 5:22am
Pretty sure you can get it on a you choose 20, get a subsidy, then immediately cancel the plan which costs the same as the sub.

badcam, Jul 11, 6:30am
A WHOLE 10mb?!?!? For Ten Bucks?!?! Unbelievable! Where do I sign up. WOW!!!!!!

charles.j, Jul 11, 6:52am
Fristly.. 10mb for 10 bucks? wowgreat deal!. Secondly.. its an iphone, whats the big deal? there are better phone's around. Thridly.. the plans (which you will most likely be on) are a rip off...

joe12, Jul 11, 7:40am
You can do that but is it legal you could import the Iphone From USA for $199 then do all that, but is it legal, if it is illegal wonder what the fine is for not signing up to Vodaphone contract, mite be up to $6000 if you get cought:-)

step 1. buy an iPhone. step 2. restore using generic 2.0 firmware (downloadable now) step 3. unlock and jailbreak (available within 24 hours) . Change the APN to vodafone.net.nz. Go on casual 10Mb a day for $1.

joe12, Jul 11, 7:44am
Step 7 go to jail do not pass go HAHAHA...LOL

dunedin_ree, Jul 11, 8:00am
Makes me laughthese "instructions" rely on a step that you can't do, because (according to the OP) jailbreak/unlock doesn't exist yet! How about posting after you know it works?

craig306, Jul 11, 8:09am
pretty sure the iphone 2.0 firware has been jailbroken loser take a look at this


jon9, Jul 11, 10:24am
Stefanie that "would" workif you knew one thing about vodafone. ALL vodafone NZ APN's will block Iphone's NOT on an Iphone plan.. Go ahead and try its an expensive brick without the plan

stefanie5, Jul 11, 11:13am
Thanks craigi was going off that too...how does vodafone know its a iphone going through the prepaid APN?? My old iPhone runs fine on the standard vodafone APN. Are you saying the have a list of imei number of all the iPhones in NZ. and are going to block any of them going through the standard APN? i think not. Vodafone has done a cheap trick and blocked the changing of the APN number. as soon as you can change that you are away..

enigma, Jul 11, 11:30am
NOT 10Mb for $10 but 10Mb a day for $1 and $1/Mb after that, reset at midnight. From 28th of July. Casual data.

stefanie5, Jul 11, 11:39am
Yeah, not sure where they got that from, pretty sure i said 10Mb for $1..

dunedin_ree, Jul 11, 11:42am
Well can't you just try it and let us know?? This thread is purely theoretical until someone DOES IT.

profink, Jul 11, 10:07pm
And i don't see how you will import a 3g iphone from the states through any of the cell companies anymore at $199. Good luck with trying to avoid the contract.

paulos10, Jul 11, 10:25pm
Sweet i dare you unlock it and then jailbreak But see what happens if you need repairs done under warrantyOh yeah that would void the warranty!

mrtoken, Jul 11, 10:31pm
Saw something yesterday was in the vodafone shop, the APN is not there when you have a vodafone sim in it, however if you put in a O2 sim the APN is there, the firmware looks like it detects a vodafone sim and removes the menu for the APN,

stranded, Jul 11, 10:47pm
Can you leave the store without it on a contract?

ifusion, Jul 11, 11:15pm
Good question, thats what i would like to know . Thats what i did when i brought my 1st gen iphone in California ;-)

smithjj, Jul 12, 12:23am
You can pay cash for it up front I know my DH's work brought 4 for their testing purposesand their vodafone guy said because they had to go on a plan it wa sbetter for them to pay up front and go on their own company corporate plan soo maybe you can not not go on a plan?

The corporate plan his work is on isa 1gb of data for $50 a month, compared to the 1gb data for $250 plus still buying the iphone for $200

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