Android TV Stick or Box Question. Please help :-)

sunsetpeople, Sep 13, 1:17am
Hiya, Hope someone can please help.

Recently got a Vision Asia internet tv connection (Its streamed, not STB) where they gave a network media player, bloody charged $300 for it! And so I'm wondering as we have another tv we are looking to just use something cheaper like an android tv stick. Since there's an app available that does the same thing,

I am wondering what the right device may be,. I don't think the $60 chrome cast device has a OS to download apps from the play store right? A tv stick would be the best bet?

Thank you!

wayne416, Sep 13, 2:31am
I just use an EZCast dongle, similar to Chromecast but better and install their app on phone or computer, plug dongle into tv, hook into wifi and do it that way. works very well.

patxyz, Sep 13, 3:00am
Looks like you can but you will only be able to watch 1 TV at a time (unless you pay for more devices / another package)

sunsetpeople, Sep 14, 1:38am
Hi all. Thanks for the reply. Yes I do understand 1 tv at a time :)

Have a question though about wayne's suggestion - if I want to avoid having to use my phone in the process, then I need an android tv stick (as opposed to chromecast/ez cast) and that has android tablet software on there and use the app that way? Thanks!

wayne416, Sep 14, 2:07am
The EZCast dongle does nothing by itself, you install the EZCcast app on your windows pc, android, apple phone and use that to communicate to tv through dongle. You can then show what ever you have on device on tv or surf the net, watch videos etc using devices internet connection or other wifi source or connecting dongle to wifi source directly and using the apps inbuilt browser on phone/computer. You dont need a wifi connection to watch what ever you have on device, you just set to mirror then tv shows phone screen and what ever is on it. You need a reasonably powered device to run it. My phone works well but 7 year old laptop struggles sometimes but use phone mostly so no problem.

flower_tears, Sep 14, 10:24pm
You would be better using a TV sender-receiver, just make sure to get the 5.8Ghz so it wont interfere with other signals like WIFI.

Something like this will do:

You can even change the channels from the other room

hamster2, Sep 17, 6:33pm
I would buy the tv stick. I have about 3 of them much better than ezcast and chrome cast. They cost about $40 on aliexpress. Netflix goes well on it and is also preloaded with Kodi media player. It sits nicley behind the tv. I would recommend getting an air mouse with it.

mdread, Nov 9, 4:00pm
Yea get a android stick / box then load Kodi onto it. I have a Tronsmart mk908ii which is ok but cheap, and a Minix X7 which is awesome. I recommend buying the dearer/newer models, there is a Minix X8 out now, or apparently the newly released nvidia box is really good - but pretty expensive.

If you do get one, buy the droidmote app from google play for a couple bucks, and use your phone or tablet to control it all. way better than airmouse etc I reckon.

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