Whats a good word processor to buy from the app shop online.
The missus has a new iMac, very swish but it doesnt have a word processor.
Were looking for something like old Claris works, or Appleworks, but dont need the drawing - graphic stuff.
Just for letters, documents.
I have iA Writer on my mac lap top, but you cant change fonts or colours.
Whats a good one?

geek_nzdoug, Jul 3, 2:46 pm

geek_gibler, Jul 3, 2:47 pm

You should be able to download pages for free or it may be pre-installed if you have a brand new Mac.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jul 3, 3:08 pm

Thanks Glibber, that works for me as Im on OS10.10.4, it says you need 10.10 or later.
The missus iMac , where we want the new program in on OS 10.8.5.
She doesnt want to upgrade as it will make her CS3 Suite + myob redundant.
Too great a leap for mankind.
Any other suggestions?

geek_nzdoug, Jul 3, 3:09 pm

geek_kron1q, Jul 3, 5:47 pm

FREE and while I have used the windows version it's excellent.

geek_nice_lady, Jul 3, 8:49 pm

There is also Openoffice which is also FREE.

geek_macman26, Jul 3, 9:17 pm

Probably better not to call it a new iMac then, as it sounds second hand if it's running software that old.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jul 4, 10:41 am

Google docs or Microsoft Office online -both free and are accessed through a web browser on any machine.

geek_squirrel99, Jul 4, 6:03 pm

That works on the missus as shes 10.8.5 and does`nt want to rock the Adobe CS3 boat.
Me, Im 10.10.5 so Pu-pup-pup pu puppp- Pages for me.
Thank y`all very much.

geek_nzdoug, Jun 23, 5:06 pm

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