Getting rid of folders in bulk?

I've got a folder, when I open it there is another folder then inside that is the contents. I want to be able to open the outside folder & see the contents without that middle folder. The tricky part is I have thousands of these. I could remove the 'middle folder' one by one but it would take forever. Any ideas? Win 8.1. Thanks.

geek_steve198, Aug 2, 2:27 pm

Do you mean you have a thousand folders inside of one other folder.

geek_switched_on, Aug 2, 3:07 pm

So 'one item' is an outside folder, an inside folder then the contents. I have thousands of these 'items'. Or put another way; I've got a list of folders labeled 0001 to 1000. If I open folder '0564' for example it will be an outside folder (labeled 0564 in this case), an inside folder then the contents.


geek_steve198, Aug 2, 3:29 pm

Main folder
Sub folder

x 1000 +

Sounds like a music app/ player gone wrong

geek_mrfxit, Aug 2, 3:44 pm

Nothing to do with music bro. ;)

geek_steve198, Aug 2, 5:04 pm

Sounds like a curly one and could be very time consuming to resolve what essentially is only creating a couple of extra clicks accessing and then closing . a minor annoyance in other words.

But if you have the time the only solution that I can think of is to open the main folder, open the sub folder, highlight the contents of the sub folder, right click and select cut, back out of that folder to the main folder, right click and select paste, go back to what now should be an empty sub folder and delete the sub folder x 1000

Another option is to create a new folder, then cut and paste the sub folders into the new folder x 1000 again lol

If you set two windows folders up side by side the second option will probably be the least time consuming.

geek_therafter1, Aug 2, 5:21 pm

From within the folder with all the files
CTRL A - select all

go up one level to the folder they should be

CTRL V - Paste

geek_king1, Aug 2, 5:23 pm

^ ^ you cant do that all at once - each folder has a sub-folder

geek_bayloft, Aug 2, 5:29 pm

That's the impression I got as well, otherwise it would be as simple as Kings suggestion to resolve.

geek_therafter1, Aug 2, 5:31 pm

Similar situation, seen it many times with media player & Itunes which is why the guess.

geek_mrfxit, Aug 2, 5:43 pm

Obviously if I only had a handful of main folders I would happily do them one by one (cutting the contents from the subfolder, pasting in the main folder then deleting the now empty subfolder). It would take at least 2 hours to do them one by one & would be extremely mind numbing. It's not massively important, I can leave it as is. I inquired in case someone knew of some 3rd party software or some fancy trick. Thanks.

geek_steve198, Aug 2, 5:45 pm

The second option that I have suggested shouldn't be that time consuming. If it appears to be too tedious to do in one go then just do 50 or 100 at a time until you have tidied things up.

geek_therafter1, Aug 2, 5:54 pm

geek_wayne416, Aug 2, 6:15 pm

What is the content? You may not be able to identify how this happened, but if you can explain what the contents are, it might change how you resolve it, and how you can stop this happening again.

geek_gyrogearloose, Apr 9, 10:23 am

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