Files are about to be deleted

badams1, Mar 31, 6:50pm
Apparently my pc liscence has expired, and an e-mail arrived my files are going to be deleted. please can anyone advice. is this for real. Can they do this.

hakatere1, Mar 31, 7:16pm
Who was the email from? More info required. Don't panic.

badams1, Mar 31, 7:26pm
hakatere, the message sent from It went on to say unless you upgrade. offering a 70 percent savings. I have to head to work, My computer knowledge is limited in this sort of arena. Do I have anything to be concerned about I havnt tried to respond, as told never reply to anything that may be dodgy. thanks in advance .

king1, Mar 31, 7:34pm
that is an aggressively marketed cloud backup software. Its not referring to files on your PC, only the cloud storage. You must have inadvertently installed a trial version of it.

king1, Mar 31, 7:36pm
Been over it with a client recently, there is no way to cancel subscription on the website, should they already be deducting money from your account.

There are far better options.

mrfxit, Mar 31, 10:59pm
One of the positive ways would be to cancel your current credit card & maybe as a last resort, reinstall the computer.

badams1, Apr 1, 5:00am
guys, I appreciate youre advise, but I havnt brought anything. certaintly not given any card details.I don't know what cloud backup soft ware is. Shall I reply and ask where they got my details from. Or just ignore.

king1, Apr 1, 5:34am
have a look in your programs list for a program called mypcbackup and uninstall it . Then just ignore the email

badams1, Apr 1, 6:57am
king, thankyou I will do asap.

badams1, Apr 2, 9:08am
I am embarrassed to say I cant find it only one called Norton backup. Any other thoughts to what it would be called. no hurry I will just delete any further e-mails.

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