Touch screen for Windows 10 - do I need one?

g14us, May 1, 10:06pm
If I buy a new computer now running Windows 8.1 so that i get the free upgrade to windows 10 when it is available do I need to buy a touch screen or does Windows 10 work OK on normal screen. A friend has told me Windows 10 only works on touch screens but that doesn't sound right to me.

wayne416, May 1, 10:23pm
No win 10 will work as normal otherwise millions of computers would become useless over night.

r.g.nixon, May 1, 10:29pm
I have used Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 all without a touchscreen in sight.

king1, May 2, 4:46am
in fact, if you don't really use touch features touch screens are just a PITA

ianab, May 2, 8:10am
Windows 10 actually seems friendlier to non-touch machines than Win 8.

Touch on a large desktop screen is an ergonomics nightmare anyway. MS have realised this.

gammelvind, May 2, 8:21am
I have a touch screen win 8.1 only time I ever used the touch screen is when the cordless keyboard threw a fit. Touch works great on my iPad but frankly sucks on a large desktop screen,

g14us, May 2, 8:31am
Thanks for replies. Don't think I'll bother. Couldn't actually see how you'd have the screen the right distance from you and at the right angle to be using touch AND mouse & keyboard so I'll save my money and not bother.

cornelia_marie, May 2, 12:25pm
Totally agree! I disabled mine, got sick of video stopping/starting when a damn fly or cat's tail touched the screen!

wotz_it_2_ya, May 2, 9:25pm
get a touch screen if you want to look like a dork and get sore arms

hakatere1, May 2, 11:31pm
You can blame Mark Wahlberg, who might become a few dollars richer later today after the big fight. and a few others for this stupid fashion statement.

richardw13, May 4, 5:13am
It is painful though. It is the worst operating system as a result, and why microsoft have been forced to fix it. Hopefully no windwos 8 machines will exist after windows 10 comes out, as all windows 8 users will get windows 10 free for 1st year. Although if you want windows media centre, you will likely be forced to stay with windows 8, as windwos 10 apparently won't have it.

If you are getting a laptop, a touch screen one is good, but they are heavier as they have a glass screen(at least the good ones)

r.g.nixon, May 4, 5:28am
No, not when one *never* uses the metro/modern/whatever apps! to the rescue :-)
Was a great upgrade from XP for only $50 during the 'special' period.

frogycrzy, May 4, 2:17pm
well sad to say save your money. ms is giving windows 10 away as a upgrade for free only for first 12 mounths. even the non legal copys get the upgrade as well. the upgrade off stands from windows 7 and up only sorry those on xp and vista still u r out of luck unless you find a non legit copy to run until july that's when it goes to all for free

mm12345, May 5, 1:55am
But if you do upgrade from a non-legitimate copy of win7/8, the copy of Win 10 will also not be legitimate, so while there is no charge, it's not a full free licensed version.
MS might also slip a security feature in to the final Win 10 release allowing them to brick or lock devices or implement nagware when running an unlicensed upgraded OS.
They're not telling us what their future OS revenue plans are - so there's a lot of guessing and speculation going on.

iwikiwi, May 5, 6:28am
I only know how to use a touch screen and wouldn't use anything else. No problems using my touchscreen on Windows Vista home basic on my 1st laptop I bought 9 years ago.
I'm also waiting for Windows 10 and read up on Windows 10 on the internet. Apparently it is the most versatile Windows out and can be used by everyone and on everything. So using your mouse won't be a problem because of its versatility.
I'm going to buy another Toshiba, and Windows 10 because I am so pleased with the product. I just get my Technican to upload everything. The secret to being problem free is to buy from The Laptop Company as they have 1st class technicans.

oclaf, May 5, 6:39am
The touch screen is great on my Windows 8 laptop. Once you're used to it, it's hard to use a laptop without.
With my desktop I did actually have a touch screen, but I never used it. and swapped it out for a better non-touch screen.
At least the way I use my computers, I really can't see an application for desktop touch screens. But with my laptops. it's pretty much essential now.

iwikiwi, May 5, 6:42am
I might look like a dork and have never had sore arms from using a touch screen. Maybe your touch screen settings are wrong. Touch screens are so much better, and more mobile and versatile, than the dorky mouse that is sooo old hat! lol!

ianab, May 6, 4:01am
It's not the touch screen settings. It's using it at a desk with 2 x 21" monitors.

Touch screens work fine for many things on a tablet or a smaller laptop screen, but not everyone runs Windows like that. With Win 10 MS have realised this, and bought back a more mouse friendly interface, still with decent touch screen support for those that are that way inclined.

nice_lady, Dec 15, 9:17pm
You what ?

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