To tidy photos :) Grrrr

tintop, Apr 6, 9:10am
I have a laptop and an external drive - there are photos and groups of photos scattered all over the place :(

Is there a magical utility that can be used to gather all these together, and then move them all to a second unused external drive ?

Preferably with two clicks! lol ( willing to use additional clicks if required)


r.g.nixon, Apr 6, 9:28am
Will they all have different names? If not, that makes it tricky.

wayne416, Apr 6, 9:35am

socram, Apr 6, 9:42am
#2 - presumably they all have different names! Or did you mean prefaced by DSC or IMG?

It may be a bit late now tintop, but I always rename all pics, whether scanned or from the cameras, by year, month, day and sequence.

2015_0405_001 (or in my case 215_0405_001 as the second digit is not necessary)

You can add what you like afterwards, such as Easter, Jaguar, Cricket.

It just means that when you do get them all sorted, they will always be in date order. Sorting them out by family, work, travel or whatever is then another step and easy enough as long as you do it on a regular basis.

tintop, Apr 6, 9:46am
Picasa reports 745 duplicates, can work my way through those.

tintop, Apr 6, 9:48am
Whooo! That looks very promising, I will copy a mix of stuff onto a thumb drive and experiment with that n the morning.


tintop, Apr 6, 9:52am
hehe - I started out that way more or less Socram, but doing other 'stuff' sort of pushed good intentions to the background.

Laptop has now got to the point where t is chokka, and have to get to grips with things.


wayne416, Apr 6, 10:02am
Yep works well just type, kind:=picture or what ever you are looking for and windows will do the rest.

cjdnzl, Apr 6, 9:00pm
Use the Windows search function to find all jpg images (search for .jpg) then highlight and move all the found images onto another drive or into a single folder.

tintop, Apr 6, 9:48pm
Yep, tried that earlier - works a treat, can use the copy/paste to weed out duplicates too.

skin1235, Apr 6, 10:07pm
be careful about those duplicates, make sure thay are actually the same pic before deleting one of them, the computer spits up same name and size as a duplicate, but they maybe different in subject

sprinter51, Apr 7, 1:19am
As above
Select how you view the folders content
Details or large icon / thumbnail

That way you can see the image and the name of it

alimac1, Mar 15, 10:05pm
My comp has them sorted in to folders by date shot. I import from the camera using Lightroom, and add keywords to help find them later

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