Help please soft bricked my galaxy y gt s5360t

rosscoe_m, Mar 5, 2:35am
hi all, I recently tried to root my old galaxy y. I flashed it with recovery mode then with the jellyblast rom but got hung up at logo on reboot. I think I missed deleting one of the 3 caches
So, I have got a copy of odin but for the life of me I can't find a reliable copy of the original gingerbread 2.36 firmware.
could a kind samaraton please point me in the rite direction to a clean download link.
tha would be much appreciated.

_drdee_, Mar 5, 2:43am go to the firmware section and enter your phone model (there is about 10 different models of the Galaxy Y so make sure you know specifically which model it is otherwise you could hard brick it).

rosscoe_m, Mar 7, 6:18am
thats coool mate but there must be a free site after all i already paid when i bought the phone

patxyz, Mar 7, 6:19am
sammobile is free.


rosscoe_m, Mar 7, 6:24am
nnup, i just spent half an hour playing jig-saws and eventually got sent my sign up link only to find a minimum membership is 2weeks and seven pounds. surely can do beta than than that. do you have the rom?

patxyz, Mar 7, 6:28am
Naa. There is a free account option that gives access to firmware.

Just looked

rosscoe_m, Jun 10, 4:07pm
hey appologies just found it, hard to navigate but think l got there, thanks i let yas kno how i get on

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