Best freeware for recording streaming video?

Any recommendations would be great.Thanks in advance.

geek_ebco, Jun 17, 1:47 am

Which stream in particular?

geek_beserkerang, Jun 17, 10:53 am

geek_ebco, Jun 18, 1:50 am

This Firefox add-on appears to work on

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 18, 2:15 am

Thanks Ross will give it a go.

geek_ebco, Jun 18, 2:49 am

i use vlc with some software to record a copy protected dvd . cant remember what it was but its linux of course .

geek_intrade, Jun 18, 5:14 am

No didn't work on live recordings.Only records for 18 seconds then stops.Works fine with archive video.

geek_ebco, Jun 18, 9:07 pm
thats what i have done i just messed with it and recorded from dvd to hdd via this setup to make a copy of what the dvd was playing with the stuff he shows and i use debian linux-kanotix for everything possible video editing will be on my plans on my new machine i just made to replace all my broken down computers.

geek_intrade, Jun 18, 11:30 pm

An easy way (definitely not the best) is to record screen capture with OBS The VLC way seems pretty good.

geek_beserkerang, Aug 9, 3:16 am