'extending modem wireless range'

5425, Mar 29, 10:13pm
Spark modem 2 weeks old would like to extend range to 200 m. so I can work in a tin shed . any ideas ?

spyware, Mar 29, 10:33pm
Forget about extending Sparks device. Also note that wireless won't penetrate tin. If you still want to use wireless then you create a point to point wireless link between house and shed and install another access point in shed.

2 x Ubiquiti Nanostation M5, either locoM5 or NSM5
https://www.ubnt.com/airmax/nanostationm/ 1 x Ubiquiti Unifi UAP or UAP Pro https://www.ubnt.com/unifi/unifi-ap/

And then turn off wireless on Sparks toy and add another Unifi to house.

5425, Mar 29, 10:37pm
Wireless WIFI Repeater Router Extener 300Mbps Brand new item
this is an auction would it do ?. Listing #: 864781615

spyware, Mar 29, 10:40pm
And how does it repeat a signal it can't see. To believe that a low powered all in one router puts out wireless that gets to 200 meters is nonsense (any client wouldn't have the power to transmit back anyway) yet you think it will penetrate a tin shed too. FFS.

5425, Mar 29, 10:47pm
Please re read the post I asked 'would it do' .I agree it will not penetrate a tin shed. After looking on trademe;
would this do it?. apart from the tin shed bit?
*TP-Link TD-W8960N 300M WirelessADSL2+Modem Router New.

spyware, Mar 29, 10:48pm
You would receive absolutely no signal at all in your tin shed if you solve the problem how you wish.

5425, Mar 29, 10:50pm
Do these type units need line of sight?. there is a big steel haybarn in direct line.

spyware, Mar 29, 10:50pm
No. You have to get the network between house and shed fist AND then retransmit inside the shed. This requires 3 devices, 2 for the point to point link and an access point.

Your latest selection is just another low power wireless device that can't produce a signal that would be usable at the shed let alone in it.

spyware, Mar 29, 10:51pm
All wireless is line of sight.

5425, Mar 29, 10:53pm
Thanz .

spyware, Mar 29, 10:56pm
Can be done with two point to point links then.

lucky.gadgets, Mar 30, 12:04am
A wireless powerline adapter pair should be your first choice. But if the shed is on its own circuit breaker (which is quite likely), then that's not an option.

cookee_nz, Apr 8, 4:55pm
BS. Infrared is line of sight, WiFi will penetrate many walls, floors, ceilings etc and will easily reach where you cannot see (ie "line of sight")

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