Trying to find a lost file

I was working on a word doc which was an attachment to an email and the document has "disappeared". I've obviously deleted it somehow but where would it have gone? I've checked the Recycle Bin and my deleted items in email. Have run searches on word strings from the document but nothing comes up.

Any advice would be appreciated.

geek_arthur-dailey, Aug 7, 7:38 pm

Open the email, and open the attachment again.

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 7, 7:49 pm

The attachment has gone. I still have the draft email; just no attachment.

geek_arthur-dailey, Aug 7, 7:50 pm

Look in your %temp% folder. Yes, that exact name, type it into Windows/File explorer.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 7, 7:59 pm

for future reference, you should save the attachment somewhere first before editing

geek_king1, Aug 7, 8:11 pm

Yup, that's what her indoors said!

geek_arthur-dailey, Aug 7, 8:40 pm

Down the back of the tool bench in the work shop

geek_exwesty, Aug 7, 9:22 pm

geek_greghale, Mar 10, 9:58 pm

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