Which thing finally worked for you? I've got this attached to Internet Explorer and have tried a few things, nothings working.
Help anyone? Thanks.

geek_aqua11, Apr 15, 9:41 am

I'm sure antivirus and anti malware don't pick it up as its just a browser add on, open browser, go into internet options, click programs, click manage add-ons, click search providers and disable or remove.

geek_loud_37, Apr 15, 9:59 am

Yes tried this first, hasn't worked.

geek_aqua11, Apr 15, 10:55 am


geek_aqua11, Apr 16, 2:19 am

if you could define symptoms of "attached to Internet Explorer".

Keep in mind we cannot see what you can

geek_king1, Apr 16, 2:25 am

I ended up buying a third party removal application, not cheat, but fixed it,

geek_cafc2012, Apr 16, 2:30 am

why would you do that, there are free methods to remove it that work well

the most common fault is that people will not or do not reset their browser properly after removing the bug, it actually takes a couple of clicks to reset, not as some think just turn it off and turn it back on
if you google the problem it lists the ways to get rid of it, and tells you how to reset the more common browsers, where to look for files left over and which names to look for - as it commonly uses different names to hide itself from efforts to remove it

geek_skin1235, Apr 16, 7:49 am

I have managed to get most of it gone, did not find many googled sites that helpful. I no longer (cross fingers) have the ads popping up constantly, but my internet explorer it still opens with mystartsearch as the home page, even though I have taken if off the internet options page, off the manage add-ons, deleted history, a few other things I can't remember, and restarted computer several times.

geek_aqua11, Apr 17, 11:12 am

it has added its address to the IE shortcut properties. r/click the 'E', properties.

geek_king1, Apr 17, 12:46 pm

That is interesting, I have found it in there, but what do you put in its place, cos I tried deleting it, but then it wants something else there. Thank you.

geek_aqua11, Apr 18, 10:54 am

this is whats in mine - the target field
"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

anything after that will be the website address
basically saying open internet explorer, and if there is a website address following it, open that when opening IE

geek_king1, Apr 18, 10:57 am

Thanks king1, that has finally got rid of mystartsearch, but now have an increasing number of ads, and diverting computer to web pages with ads, its much worse now now, getting into trademe is the worst, page keeps diverting onto ad sites, competitions etc. Help anyone?

geek_aqua11, Apr 24, 10:56 am

geek_wayne416, Apr 24, 11:13 am

Thanks Wayne, so far so good, seems to be working, cross fingers.

geek_aqua11, Apr 27, 9:43 am

i managed to get get rid of mysearch in explorer and firefox by going in to preferences and changing the search preference,, this did not work for opera browser. i just uninstalled opera and then downloaded opera again. it worked and there is no show of mysearch again

geek_aktow, Apr 28, 2:00 pm

Does anyone know how to uninstall this. It is overriding Google search engine, I have tried to uninstall by control panel. I am running ad-aware pro security.

geek_coops39, Oct 20, 9:33 pm

Uninstall mystartsearch + Google search brings up a few trusted ways to remove it.

geek_mrfxit, Oct 20, 9:38 pm

I also have this damn cursed thing as of today I know its my own fault but have had no luck in uninstalling it It has taken over Google Chrome Any suggestions hoq I get Chrome back ? Ta

geek_missrat, Nov 15, 7:27 am

Mr Fixit Thanks but can't uninstall. Not there Have searched Google
( as below ) Ta

I have tried everything I can to rid Mystartsearch from my lappy. to no avail. It has installed itself and taken over Google Chrome.
It is not showing in my Programs so can not be removed from there.
I have MS Security Essentials & Malware Bytes, and neither picked this up.
I have searched Google to try and solve. Tried Rouge Killer, Avi Browser repair Tool & couple of others. Nothing rids it.
I have Fire Fox which I am using but want Chrome fixed.
Please anyone have a solution ?

geek_missrat, Nov 15, 10:58 pm

System restore may be worth a punt.

geek_therafter1, Nov 16, 12:45 am

There are removal instructions here:

Scroll down to Google Chrome.

There is also link to a program that will clean it up automatically but I am not sure how good it works. I have never used it. Use at own discretion.

geek_sykotik_ninja, Nov 16, 12:56 am

Thanks to you both.
Don't think System restore will do it thereafter1. Its a real rogue :(
It is slightly puzzling how I got it as I opened a link of a video posted to me by family which has not affected anyone else who opened it.
Normally I am very careful so am very pee'd off with myself.
Will have another go in link skyotik_ninja posted but Ta ! have tried several so far.

geek_missrat, Nov 16, 1:19 am

Did you try uninstalling all of google chrome?

geek_lilyfield, Nov 16, 1:21 am

Repeat after me . the the the the the lol

geek_therafter1, Nov 16, 1:25 am

Whoops!. sorry therafter1 :)

geek_missrat, Nov 16, 1:43 am

What you can try is running your Malware programs in safe mode. Your computer starts up bare boned that way leaving very few places to hide.

You'll have to google " how to boot in safe mode" pertaining to your operating system.

geek_sykotik_ninja, Nov 16, 1:43 am

No but gave it some thought may be last resort, but unsure if that will solve it Thanks for input lilyfield

geek_missrat, Nov 16, 1:45 am

Try this. Creeps in with Incredicrap.

geek_namtak, Nov 16, 2:57 am

Thanks still trying Only way I get to Google Chrome is open up Myweb and click on Google in boxes on page. Thought I had it beat but NO !
One suggestion was to reload Chrome but done that and not changed Have done system restore, but as I thought no change. Will give your link a look.

geek_missrat, Nov 16, 4:51 am

geek_wayne416, Nov 16, 5:15 am

reset chrome - uninstalling keeps the same settings

geek_king1, Nov 16, 6:03 am

Thank you all :)
Finally back to normal.
Firefox/ Chrome up and running with no issues.

geek_missrat, Jan 4, 2:08 am

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