Firefox 35

Anyone else get the SSL3 warning on firefox for trademe? I know it is a simple 0-1 in config, but why should we have to do that if there is a problem?

geek_twincam1, Feb 16, 12:11 pm


geek_velenski, Feb 16, 12:58 pm

Nope. And not on the version 36 betas either.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 16, 1:41 pm

geek_twincam1, Feb 16, 2:22 pm

Firefox would not let me log in to TM till I installed this.

geek_twincam1, Feb 16, 2:23 pm

Win 7 pro no probs here

geek_kevymtnz, Aug 6, 4:29 am

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