Mac help please

I was transferring 13500 photos on to a hard drive but instead copied then to my desktop, now i can't do anything as mac has stalled. How do i clear these .

geek_kiggles1, Jun 8, 9:50 am

More info might help. What do you mean by the mac has stalled. Crashed?

geek_squibby, Jun 8, 1:15 pm

I did the same by accident once. It was an incredible pain in the neck. The only thing I could do to recover was to drag the photos from the desktop to the trash, starting with about ten at a time. You will need to empty the trash regularly as you go along.

geek_davidt4, Jun 8, 1:42 pm

Each file on the desktop has an icon which takes up memory when it's on the desktop so I am not surprised your machine has ground to a halt

geek_piperguy, Sep 5, 5:23 pm

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