Fatal error ?

missrat, Mar 30, 9:02pm
The past few days when I boot up my laptop I get a little message box on screen with -

Fatal error !
No English language was found.

What does this mean? Any one enlighten me please.

gyrogearloose, Mar 30, 9:38pm
But the computer still runs fine?
It sounds to me like there's an application or utility in the startup list that isn't initialising properly because the language file is missing. Look for more clues such as the messagebox title, the applications running in the task manager, or the list of startup programs and then delete or re-install that application.

missrat, Apr 7, 5:05am
Thanks will try do that, and yes it is sort of running fine, but I have posted previously about my video card driver which seems not to be working as some games are not working - Solitaire and Spider and others that come with Windows. The cards deal but after that can't be moved from stacks
.( I get a msg on screen stating make sure I have hardware acceleration turned on, checked and it is and also says make sure I have latest video card driver installed)
When I try to play either game, they open but cards won't deal. I am not sure what to do about this. Have asked or help but I don' know where I should look or what to do. How do I know which are the correct drivers ? Have tried installing one but wouldn't install.
I have another game I installed myself 'Brickshooter' that works perfectly fine, it only he ones that came with Windows that are not working. I recently had this laptop upgraded from XP , and it has been good, this problem occurred out of nowhere, working one day and not he next.

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