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delmic, May 19, 9:29pm
Hi I have got em client. I have read wiki on em client but I dont understand it.My question is this.Is em client an internet email sender and receiver on its own? I have hotmail as well and emclient sometimes comes up and sometime hotmail comes up.can I uninstall hotmail and use just em client? thanks

r.g.nixon, May 19, 9:59pm
eM Client is a program that sits on your computer only. It gathers email from the web hosts that collect your emails. The web hosts may include either of or both of your ISP (e.g. delwyn@vodafone.co.nz) and a free worldwide provider (e.g. delwyn@outlook.com, or delwyn@gmail.com, or delwyn@gmx.com).
The free version of eM Client can gather email from either one or two email address locations.
Hotmail isn't a program, so you can't uninstall it.

delmic, Nov 4, 3:12pm
Hey thanks rg nixon. that is very clear.You are pretty smart.
Us oldies are very grateful for all the help we get on here

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